Zodiac July 6

We have prepared a personality outline of your star sign below. The overview will give you an idea of how people with cancer as a star sign are.  

The zodiac sign overview 

The symbol is of a crab which represents people born between june 21 and july 22. The symbol expresses stability, emotion, ambition and moody attitude. The brightest star is named beta Cancri. The star sign that opposes cancer is capricorn. All expressions are opposite except moodiness. Both the star signs aim for similar goals but try to reach them in a different way.Cancer has the modality of Cardinal. This indicates warmth and intuition but also wittiness. The ruling house of this star sign is fourth. It means domestic security, familiarity with the environment and lineage. 

Cancers are keen about their belongings, home and personal security.The ruling body for Cancer is the moon. This puts an element of meditation and acceptance in them. Moon represents sympathy. The element of Cancer is water. Water means transforming and growing continuously. It also represents how mood swings are associated. Cancers base their actions more on their feelings and less on reasoning. The lucky day for Cancer is Monday which is called meditative Monday

Lucky numbers for this star sign are 3, 5, 14, 18, 25. The Motto for this star sign is “ I feel it!” 

The personality traits

The personality has good and bad qualities. They are great in relationships but some characteristics affect them bady. The souls are very sympathetic and reservoirs of empathy. Their love is vast even though they look stony and cold. They put their family and friends in high regard. Being very sensitive they are emotional and moody. These sweet souls are highly imaginative. They highly depend on others for their needs along with being adaptive to situations. As they are ruled by celestial bodies they tend to display comfort and care. They adapt to both emotional and material scenarios. Being gentle creatures they are compassionate towards others. Their genuine nature allows them to take up the energy of the room. The bad side is their self offering, assurance depending and security seeking people. The water sign has bad qualities like being pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative and insecure. These features make them compatible with other water star signs which align with their compatibility. 

Final word

Cancer signs are perfectly compatible with other water signs. They have a great mix of good and bad qualities. Being comfortable in familiar places, cancers tend to have introverted natures. Representatives of the crabs are loyal but also nostalgic. Reflect to find out more about yourself through your star sign. From it one can find out how much the signs affect personalities.

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