A Famous Website For Audio And Video.

Y2mate is completely free and there are absolutely no subscription charges nor hidden fees attached. It operates as a famous platform used to download videos with different formatting and resolutions to be viewed offline or saved for later viewing. The download is simple and less time consuming in comparison to other platforms that might make one face a complicated process.

How to download using Y2mate?

You need to install Y2mate first of all then you are required to paste the URL of the YouTube video you wish to download in a blank box available at the official homepage of the website. Now you will have options of different resolutions and formats to download the video in for example 720p, 1080p and 4k. Choose any of these options to move to the next step where you will click on the download link and will be asked to wait for the downloading process to be completed which usually takes a few minutes depending upon your internet’s speed. The website enables the downloader to choose different resolutions and adjust the file size which are the unique features of using Y2mate. After 5 minutes your download will be completed for offline streaming and later usage.

What can you do with Y2mate?

Y2 mate offers its users a wide variety of download options with no cost or technical ways. The website enables one to watch offline multimedia by downloading them from YouTube, Amazon prime or other platforms. Apart from downloading videos and changing their format the website also allows the conversion of YouTube videos to MP3 audio. Y2mate can also be used to make your files more portable and easy to use even when the internet connection is poor or not available at all. The video and audio files can also be saved by this to be viewed later as per your wish.
Y2mate enables its users to opt for multiple formats including MP3 and WMV along with customising the quality of the downloaded videos with size and rate adjustments.
These features allow your downloaded files to be compatible with the device that you use.Y2mate has a chrome browser extension which enables the capturing of the download links directly from YouTube to save time and energy spent in copy pasting the links.


Y2mate is a free of cost website that allows easy downloading of multimedia available on YouTube and other platforms. The multimedia be audio and video files which can be downloaded simply by the link only. Without the need of any registration Y2mate allows downloading then formatting the files to all possible adjustments which makes them compatible with all possible devices. We would suggest you try Y2mate for a hassle free downloading experience.

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