WPC live dashboard provides you with the latest live match updates. Due to errors and mistakes, fans are unable to watch live matches and are depressed, that’s why the WPC 2024 dashboard has become the major talk of the town. In essence, this website provides live coverage of various sporting events.

Basic requirements:

 Individuals must share their personal information to get registered. After that, they can participate in a live battle. Although WPC2021 is free, there is a premium version available. some websites charged WPC dashboard but some are free of cost. Approximately, it is the greatest free apps on the market. Avoid Android apps that have been altered or patched.

Users must first create a Microsoft account before logging into WPC2021’s control panel. you may also need this account to log into Outlook, Office, and Skype, for example, . Your Microsoft account password will be requested when you log in. When you first access the live dashboard, you’ll be requested to enter this password, so prepare yourself.

  • The client must first register on the WPC2021.LIVE website before using and/or availing of WPC2021.LIVE.
  •  Only clients who have signed up for the WPC2021.LIVE Application will be able to use it fully. The customer considers all wagers final.
  • The minimum bet is 100 credits or points, which is the same as Php100.00 in straight currency. All profits are subject to a house commission (or “plazada”), which is calculated automatically by the console. Only the Game/Betting Console is available for betting.


  • WPC live dashboard’s clients are still responsible for keeping their accounts safe and secure, and they must not allow anyone to access or use them.
  •  The Client assumes full responsibility for the outcomes of permitting such activity. Dealing or transferring funds between customer accounts is likewise forbidden.
  • Lucky 8 has the right to correct any obvious inaccuracies in the calculation of client account balances.
  • Only 5 (five) days after the betting event can you make a claim over your account statements and the balances on them. Failure to file a claim will be interpreted as acceptance of the account balance as notified.
  • WPC live dashboard instrument board isn’t working, according to many enthusiasts. It’s become a point of contention because they can’t keep track of the score during games.

Betting system:

  • If you’re a die-hard WPC live dashboard fan, the WPC2024 Live Dashboard is likely to worry you. You can watch live bouts on the site and stream them, but you must first establish an account and fill out the live fight session form in order to participate.
  • The Client chooses to participate in online betting at his or her own discretion and risk. The client is completely responsible for determining whether or not participating in online betting is legal in his or her jurisdiction.
  •  Only clients over the age of twenty-one are permitted to participate in online betting. Client participation in online betting is not guaranteed by Lucky 8.
  • Lucky 8 reserves the right to seek proof of identity and age from clients as a condition of participating in online betting and at any moment during that participation.
  • The client consents to Lucky 8 using personal information for anti-fraud purposes. secure your information.
  • Betting done in the chat room or through any other methods other than the Game/Betting Console is void or ineffective. Without prior warning and/or cause, Lucky 8 maintains the right to exclude players from betting.

Privacy terms:

The client would not be registered if she/he seems to be irregular in any way. The client recognizes that Lucky 8 is under no obligation to provide the client with advance notice of its decision to refuse, deregister, exclude, or suspend, nor to provide client with any reasons for such decision. If Lucky 8 discovers that a player is under the age of 18, it will terminate the player’s account, unless there are compelling reasons to do so. The website also updates its Facebook page with information on the events and battles, so you can keep up with everything on the live dashboard.

The client acknowledges that he or she has been granted a general, non-sublicensable, non-transmittable, private, limited license to get in touch with the WPC2021.LIVE Application on a Mobile Device or Computer that he or she owns or controls, solely for his or her personal use and in accordance with the terms of this WPC2021.LIVE Terms and Conditions.


WPC 2024 live dashboard is the most popular and most significant website that keeps us aware of all the live matches held in worldwide. Its a highly secure website and people can interact with each other freely remaining within the basic limits of the website. Any kind of misbehavior or mismanagement can deactivate your account on it. The website also keeps all the shared information saved, and takes care of every individual’s personal space.

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