As the last few years have proven to be a difficult time for many, entering 2024 with a fresh start is certainly high on many people’s to-do lists.

This can include gaining employment or even changing jobs to maximise potential, earnings and more. Right now, there is a shortage of HGV drivers, especially in the UK, so let’s take a look at why you should become a HGV driver this year.

Top 3 reasons to become a HGV driver

1. An accessible niche


As there is a high demand for HGV drivers, it is currently a niche that can be easy to get into with the right qualifications. HGV Training Centre can help individuals of all shapes and sizes to become fully certified both quickly and cheaply.

The training process typically involves several driving tests for those holding a category B driving licence (so applicants will of course have to be over 18), alongside a clear medical certificate and provisional lorry driver’s licence.

Once all of this has been completed, drivers will need to pass a theory and a practical test to obtain the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence qualification. The great news is that this should only take between 8-10 weeks.

2. Earning potential

Right now, typical starting salaries are set around £20k, but as times are tough in the industry, many companies are increasing this to meet demand. There are more incentives and even bonuses for both new and experienced drivers too, so the earnings potential and financial benefits are extremely attractive when compared to other roles.

3. Job security


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that job security can be an important factor to consider and HGV drivers will be able to take their qualifications and experience anywhere.

This means that if you lose/leave your job at any given company, it won’t take long to find another and continue to work. There will also be opportunities across the EU and other countries (although you may have to update your qualifications to meet their requirements).

Is a job as a HGV driver worthwhile?

All of the above points certainly seem to suggest so, but don’t forget that you will also have a degree of flexibility and freedom to consider, too.

Many HGV drivers have the ability to set their own working hours and select the driving jobs that appeal most to them. You could broaden your horizons by travelling across Europe for example, or simply keep things UK-based if you’d prefer.

Furthermore, as the demand for HGV drivers continues to increase, the job security and potential for career progression in this field is promising. With experience, you could advance to become a transport manager or even start your own haulage company.

However, it’s important to note that the job can also come with long hours and physical demands, so it’s important to carefully consider if it’s the right fit for you before pursuing it as a career.