About Our Website

Our website is powered by pagcor, bmm test lab and e- abong. We at Wpc2021 provide gamers with access to unlimited games. Our aim is to deliver gaming services in a responsible way. To minimize any harm that can be caused by the game to any individual.

To open an account

To have access to our games the gamer is required to set up an account on our website. Registering yourself at our website is very simple. We don’t require a lot of personal information. The information we ask for is to ensure the gamer’s safety and the website’s proper functioning. No data is misused. To register yourself add in your name, email address, and password.

Our morals

We have made sure that our games are properly regulated to ensure responsible delivery. It is in our ethics to lessen any potential harm that can be caused by our games to its players or our society. We have made attempts to lessen the addiction of gambling and prevent gambling by underages.

At WPC2021 we have laid down rules and regulations to enhance gaming but in a responsible way to ensure healthy activity. We have made sure that there is strict enforcement of rules. We have limited the people who access our website and also the legal age range is set up to prevent underage gambling addictions.

We also have a program that aims for providing those who develop an addiction of gambling with plenty of options and opportunities to overcome their habit. We restrict such individuals from any form of gambling access. We check individuals through a database which allows us to filter good gamers for our website.

At WPC 2024 we have set the idea of filling forms which allows us to narrow down individuals who are appropriate for our website. Guests are not allowed to have access to our website. In this way, we tend to regulate gaming activities. We urge those individuals who tend to have a gaming problem to seek help from assisting institutions.

Participation in our games

WPC2021 allows participation in online betting. Online betting is carried out in a legal way. The minimum age of 21 is set for those wishing to bet. A legal information collection is carried out to prove the age of the one betting but we don’t take any responsibility of ensuring the age limit.

Safety of our clients

When a client registers themselves at our website and goes through the process of age checking and authenticity then the gamer is allowed to game. They can make a bet through the platform. We have a wide variety of lucky draws. The gamer deposits an amount to begin gaming. We offer cash in points. The gamer can play using a console which is automatic. This betting console is the only way we allow betting. We don’t allow chat rooms or any other way an individual can place a bet.

We assume that all bets that are made are final and we require the minimum wager to be of 100 points. All winning is subject to a commission of the house. Our betting system aims to minimise fights and ensure steady betting. When we close the betting after it is rightfully placed the fights continue and later the winner is declared.

We start betting when stag is available. No side is declared. The players are free to place a bet on any stag/cock they wish to. Once we assign sides the fight begins and cannot be canceled. If the gamer wishes to reverse the bet the flight is canceled. All bets are returned to their accounts. Incorrect placement of scores also cancels the fights. Withdrawal or refusal to fight may cause the cancellation too. Bets are however returned to the player’s account.

In the event of a video buffer or video latency: If betting is closed before video buffer or video hang, the betting will resume and the result of the fight will be declared. If betting is open before the video buffer or video hang, the betting will be canceled and the wagers will be returned and credited back to the player’s accounts. In the event that the betting is open and the cocks/stags have already engaged in battle, the betting will be canceled and the wagers will be credited back to the player’s accounts. This is to prove a good quality game with truth and honesty.


Our website offers its players an authentic and safe game of betting in a way addiction is prevented and the game is greatly enjoyable as much as it is profitable. It requires individuals to register which gives us a chance to assess the players. The game is regulated with proper rules to ensure a good game.

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