What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth

Reddit Conspiracies behind “What dinosaur has 500 teeth?”

Someone on Reddit asked a general question which stated “What dinosaur has 500 teeth?” Reddit users started conveying the answer as a meme. The answer was Nigersaurus. The first part of the name became a total meme. This is because the dinosaur itself belongs to Nigeria. Even at this time, white people consider racism a joke and are very open about it. This is because most people in Nigeria have a black skin tone. Some users even answered that they don’t want to say it but know what it is. This is because they wanted to prevent the development of any controversy or conspiracy. This is because racism has always been a very controversial topic on Reddit.

What’s so special about “What dinosaur has 500 teeth?”

The Nigersaurus has around a total of 500 teeth. This makes it so special among all the dinosaurs. The Nigersaurus is a species of rebbachisaurid sauropod dinosaurs. The huge lineup of their 500 teeth is their sole characteristic. Their teeth are purpose-based as it said what dinosaur has 500 teeth. Their purpose is to look for plants on the ground. Unlike their huge teeth, they have always had a short neck and a short height as well. Nigersaurus has a height of around 30 feet. However, normally dinosaurs have a height of at least 90 feet. Nigersaurus’ short height is easily compensated by his wide jaws. His wide jaws accommodate around 500 teeth. The teeth are also banana sized and shaped. This means he has sharp and pointy teeth. Nigersaurus teeth are pointy so it helps to cut the plants on the ground.

The Diet of the dinosaur is recognized

The Nigersaurus is a complete herbivore. This means it feeds on vegetation and plants. There is a reason it has such a wide jaw accommodating what dinosaur has 500 teeth. This is so it can gather enough food. It is also so it can crop the plant from its total surface. There are facets on the upper jaw which show that the food it gathers is worn on its teeth as it is fed. There are very minimal gaps between his teeth. This shows that the movement of his jaw is very limited. It also proves that his whole jaw is covered with teeth. This is why Nigersaurus jaw movement is only limited to up and down movements. However, having such a wide jaw due to restricted jaw movements they have one of the weakest bites. This is especially when their bites are compared to other sauropods. This also proves that Nigersaurus mostly preferred soft herbs in their lunch and dinner.

Head Movements of the Nigersaurus

The dinosaur recognized as “What dinosaur has 500 teeth?” has restricted head movements. This is mostly due to his short neck and wide jaws. Nigersaurus has sole skulls which could be examined through CT Scans. It was known that it has semicircular canals in its ear. These canals were oriented horizontally. Although this dinosaur became known as “What dinosaur has 500 teeth?” It is one of its kind. Nigersaurus had a complex structure of its occipital and cervical vertebrae. This is what limited its head movements. The Nigersaurus could not move its head side by side. However, it could only move its head up and down. According to biomechanical analysis, it is known that his head and the muzzle were oriented 67 degrees downwards. This was done so its head could be closer to ground level.

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