Manga, a term typically used to refer to Japanese comics and graphic novels, is more than just entertainment. From action-packed adventure stories to a slice of life tales depicting the everyday lives of ordinary people, manga offers something for everyone. Not only can readers find engaging characters and exciting plots in manga series’ but they can also learn a great deal about various aspects of Japanese culture and society as well. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why manga has become such a popular medium both in Japan and around the globe. Here are five things that we can all learn from reading Manga:

Manga teaches us teamwork

Manga heroes teach us how to work with a team. They work together to defeat villains and protect the innocent. This teamwork is often demonstrated through their interactions with each other. For example, in Naruto, the team of Naruto Uzumaki works together to form strategies and take down their opponents. In One Piece, Luffy and his crewmates rely on each other to complete missions and fight enemies. And in Bleach, Ichigo and his friends come up with battle plans that help them win fights against powerful opponents. 

What makes manga heroes so admirable is not only their ability to work as a team but also their willingness to put themselves at risk for the benefit of others. 

Improve drawing skills

Although not all manga artists start by copying existing styles wholesale, almost every artist begins their journey learning how to draw using basic techniques taught within the pages of mange volumes. If you want to improve your drawing skills or simply have some fun trying out new techniques then be sure to give the manga a try! You may surprise yourself with what you can achieve after a while. 

The culture and society 

We can learn about different cultures and societies from the manga. Manga is a great way to get an introduction to new cultures and societies that you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience. By reading manga set in different parts of the world, you can gain insights into the customs and traditions of those cultures. You can also learn about their history and how they interact with other countries. 

Additionally, while not all manga accurately reflect real-world cultural values and practices, many offer thoughtful explorations of complex issues such as race relations, gender dynamics, social class distinctions, etc., which can help us better understand these aspects of culture. 

Manga is more expressive & dynamic

Manga as it is more commonly known in the west is one of the most expressive and dynamic forms of art. Unlike traditional western comics which are often limited to a few panels on each page with very little action taking place, manga can tell an entire story through sequential images that flow together like a movie. This makes for a much more immersive experience that can draw in even non-comic readers. 

Furthermore, due to its origins in Japan where anime also reigns supreme, manga often features intricate and beautifully drawn characters with emotions conveyed through subtle facial expressions and body language that would be lost in translation if adapted into live-action films. In my opinion, this gives manga stories a level of depth and nuance not found elsewhere.

Manga teaches a different way of reading

Manga teaches a different way of reading. It can be seen as more cinematic and diagrammatic, with panels laid out in sequence to create tension, build suspense or convey a feeling or mood. Comics theorist Scott McCloud calls manga “the comics of Japan” and distinguishes it from American-style comics, which he claims are centered on the individual panel itself (as opposed to the page or screen). To learn from manga we also need a good website where we can read manga online without any issues. Here, is a site named Manga freak where you can read manga for free with great features.


Manga often employs visual devices such as speed lines and sound effects that are not typically used in American comics. There are many other things that we can learn from the manga. You may find out more about the other things that we can learn from the manga by going to the website

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