Demat account

In this current era of advancements, people are trying their hand in diverse types of things.   And if you are in investing, you might know about Demat. Well, a Demat account is an account that accumulates and preserves all the shares that you buy in the arena of electronic or dematerialized format. In simple words, a Demat account is there to take care of your shares in a way that your bank or financial account does for your money.

Once you open demat account,  it keeps a proper grip of all your certificates of your financial instruments such as government securities,  shares, bonds,   mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Opening a Demat account

Once you know what you can do and how to go about things, opening up your Demat account would not be a challenge at all. Have a look below:

Choose a depository participant (DP)

Remember, there are two prime service providers known as the central depository (cd) as well as depository participants.  Speaking of DPS, these are mediators between you and the CDs. Banks, brokers, and other types of financial institutions mostly play the role of a dp. You might choose one of such service providers to open your Demat account.

Submission of application form along with required documents

For opening your account, you have to submit a proper duly completed Demat opening application form blended with the essential documents as well as photographs. The prime documents that are needed for opening an account include a photo identity and even residential proof. However, make a note that original documents are going to be required for verification. You have to be careful that you submit all the needed documents or you might fail to hold an account.

Personal verification will be there

The depository participant or dp is going to offer you the agreement that would have all the terms and conditions. It would also have the applicable charges. Personal verification is something wherein a representative is going to contact you for confirming all the details and then it all gets accepted. If the personal verification fails, you might not be able to open up your Demat account.

Opening of your account

On successfully verifying the overall info or data, the dp is going to provide you with an account number or a unique client id. These particulars or credentials will be needed to access your Demat account. For upkeeping and operating the Demat account, you need to incur certain fees and charges. These encompass annual maintenance and transaction charges.

Moreover, it is recommended that you must check these charges before going ahead with the overall procedure of application. To buy and sell shares on the stock exchange, you will definitely need to open a trading account coupled with a brokerage firm. These firms are the ones that levy brokerage charges and it could even be based on per transaction or even associated with the transaction value subject to a particular type of minimum amount.


To sum up , since you know the basics of demat account opening and procedures, make sure that you get one right away.

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