The weighted blanket’s purpose is more than obvious – it puts some weight all over your body so you can be comfortable while resting or sleeping. The thing is, many people aren’t really sure about these blankets’ benefits, and they doubt their functionality.

However, so far there is a lot of evidence that it helps maintain a good sleep routine, both in adults and children. Many believe that this kind of blanket helped them get rid of stress and anxiety and overcome insomnia.

You can choose all kinds of patterns to match your interior decoration. You can also choose interesting textures for sensory stimulation in children with autism, and you can learn more about that here.

And now, let’s focus on the benefits of these weighted blankets:

1. Constant comfort and feeling of protection


We all want to feel calm and comfortable, and these blankets can help us with that. We can feel the pressure they create in the body like a warm and firm hug, which makes us feel absolutely protected during the day, or at night while we sleep.

Many people claim that after having such a blanket, they sleep better and manage to be calm, without waking up during the night.

It also gives peace to many, so that they can overcome the accumulated stress of the whole day. You can also rely on constant temperature control and feel rested throughout the day.

2. You fall asleep faster and don’t wake up overnight

Many people have trouble falling asleep and waking up during the night. But because of the pressure created by this blanket, you feel relaxed and calm. That means you can pack in a few hours of sleep, and wake up fully rested the next day. Many people suffer from poor sleep and cannot be productive during the following day.

But weighted blankets are meant to be soothing and free your mind from the overthinking process that often happens to you. That is why we can say that you will get the sleep you deserve and that you will wake up less often during the night.

3. Less stress and anxiety


During the covid pandemic, many people suffered from constant anxiety and needed a way to calm down. Sales of these blankets have grown significantly in 2024 as too many people have been able to find solace and relief from anxiety.

This means that they really help and you can consult a doctor if you are not sure. But we can argue that the benefits are numerous and you won’t go wrong buying one for yourself.

4. Improves blood pressure and heart rate

When you are calm, your blood pressure is within the normal range. The same happens with the pulse. Rested people calm down more easily, and thus have more control over themselves. The body secretes less cortisol, and the muscles are immediately more relaxed.

All these processes are connected with another very important aspect. Immunity improves and your body immediately feels healthier. It all has to do with rest and normal heartbeats. Therefore, we can conclude that the benefits of using a weighted and gravity blanker are so great that you would certainly like to know about them earlier.

5. It helps people with PTSD


Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious problem for those who have gone through really difficult times in their lives. If you have PTSD and find it difficult to control the processes of calming down and falling asleep, this blanket can help you organize your thoughts.

As a result, you sleep more easily and a rested brain processes stimuli more easily. We can say that this would be a really good investment if you have had a difficult past and now want to dedicate yourself to calming and healing.

6. Complete calming of the nervous system

Our body is full of nerves and nerve endings. We all know that the surface of the skin is very sensitive and that external stimuli can cause a variety of reactions in us.

Many people find that it is the pressure created by such a blanket that helps calm them down. The weight of the blanket is distributed evenly over all parts of your body. It makes you feel peaceful and calm, while your nervous system heals from the traumas that have occurred during the day.

Of course, when we talk about traumas, we mean those everyday things that throw us out of balance, and which can only be solved with quality and good sleep. It is not impossible to achieve it. You just need to invest in a blanket as an alternative approach to enhancing your body’s sensory stimulation.

7. It is good for people who have autism


Autism is a whole spectrum that is present in both children and adults. Processing sensory stimuli are part of the therapeutic approach to the problem. Many of these people cannot tolerate sudden stimuli, but with the right dosage of certain sensory signals, they manage to get used to them and overcome some of their reactions.

The upside is that the blanket works for both children and adults, and even those with ADHD. Such a blanket will help them focus more on a specific activity and direct their attention to daily tasks. It is also crucial for these people to sleep well, which means that this benefit is also fully covered in all possible aspects.


Choosing the right weighted blanket depends on your personal needs and preferences. A therapist or doctor can help you choose a better and more suitable blanket for you. It should usually be around 10% of your body weight, even for children. However, consultation with a pediatrician is always recommended.

Many will wonder if it is worth buying such a blanket. The bottom line is that you should think carefully, but also consult your doctor. Sometimes people expect too much from something, so they get disappointed if they don’t magically achieve the results. Like everything else, weighted blankets take time to see the full benefits.