A lapel pin is the perfect finishing touch for any outfit; instantly elevating your look and adding a layer of complexity. Don’t miss out on this incredible accessory, embrace it.

Metal lapel pins, which were once distinctive of military rank and affiliation to a particular cause or organization, have become trending wearable art. Men’s suits now often include these stylish accessories as part of their overall look. The floral lapel pin, also known as a boutonniere, gained notoriety ever since Queen Victoria gifted it to her beloved Prince

Albert on their wedding day. Legend has it that the prince cut a hole in his lapel so he could keep the flower with him at all times – and thus, this trend was born! Boutonnieres are popularly donned during romantic occasions such as weddings to symbolize love and loyalty between two people.

Why you should be wearing a lapel pin

Express yourself


Wearing lapel pins is a subtle way to showcase your personality. If you’re attending a wedding or going into the office, and don’t want too much attention on yourself, try trading in that flashy t-rex tie for an elegant t-rex lapel pin instead! Also custom made lapel pins let you express your unique character without all the fanfare – perfect for those situations where discretion is key.

Very versatile

Your lapel pin doesn’t need to sit in the back of your closet just because you are not attending a wedding or special event. Whether it’s floral for dressing up, metal for business and everyday wear – there is a lapel pin suited to all occasions! Don’t miss out on adding that finishing touch with ease; express yourself through one small accessory with unlimited potential.

Stand out

Don’t settle for the usual accessories; stand out from the crowd by flaunting a lapel pin. Men typically stick to ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks – so surprise everyone with your unique choice! When you display such eye-catching flair, all eyes will be on you–guaranteed. Show off how truly incredible lapel pins are – dare to be different today.


Don’t let your Monday morning monotony stop you from expressing yourself! Break out of the traditional navy tie and gray suit with some bold accessories. A brightly colored floral lapel pin will add an elegant touch to any spring ensemble, or a sharp metal pin can make just as much of an impression. It’s time to inject personality into your workweek wardrobe today.

Conversation starter


Lapel pins are a fashionable and unique way to flaunt your personality. And what’s more delightful than talking about yourself?! By wearing your stag head lapel pin of yours, you will be able to initiate conversations about your naturalistic admiration as well as rural charm effortlessly.

Easy to wear

Last but certainly not least, who doesn’t seek convenience? Wearing a lapel pin is incredibly easy since there’s no need to tie knots or fold pocket squares. Simply thread the pin through your left lapel, clip it in and you’re all set! The classic silver or gold color of metal pins adds an extra layer of simplicity when coordinating with suits – talk about effortless style!