No one likes to admit that their spark has gone in their relationship. What does it mean? That you are not right for each other? Should things end? Am I a failure? All these unhelpful questions permeate your thoughts, preventing you from truly discovering the root cause of your relationship issues.

Alternatively, consider this a time to open up communication and determine if your relationship is worth fighting for and how best to make it work.

How you recover that relationship spark entirely depends on the couple and the individuals within it. However, here are a few ideas to help you work on that faded spark in your relationship.

Explore Eachothers Sensuality


Perhaps it is the sexual spark that has faded from your relationship. Work exhaustion or fatigue from other aspects of your life are common reasons physical intimacy decreases with your partner. If this is the case, it may be worth having an open conversation about why things have faded and how you can regain that sexual spark.

Maybe you both want to try something new but are too timid to say it. Why not learn the sensual tips and tricks from a London tantric massage to regain some focus on each others’ bodies again? Whatever works for you, being open and honest about your needs whilst trying new things can help you recover that spark in the bedroom.



If you feel that spark is quickly fading, there is nothing wrong with communicating how you feel to your partner. In fact, this is a crucial aspect of making any relationship work! Sharing how you feel calmly prevents issues from spilling over into arguments- the latter only contributing to relationships breaking down further.

It also allows you to understand your partner better and find new avenues to work on things. Being honest with each other also promotes intimacy, a way to get closer together and hopefully regain that spark.

Don’t Let the Little Stuff get to you


When you live with a partner or spend vast quantities of time with them, it is easy to let minor issues get to you. Do they eat too loudly? Do they leave dishes on the side? While communicating the little things that annoy you is valid, gaining some perspective on these issues can stop this from becoming a problem in your relationship.

Refrain from nitpicking where you can, or if something is bothering you approach it in a kind and measured way. Picking on your partner consistently can lead to more significant issues, potentially feeling attacked and ultimately unhappy in the relationship.

So often, picking on each other becomes the norm for couples, forgetting to be kind to each other. Maintaining this kindness is paramount to bolstering each other and feeling stronger as a couple.

Set Boundaries for the Future


Now, this all depends on what caused the breakdown in your relationship. Is it a lack of trust or the way your partner behaves when they have been drinking? Either way, you must talk to each other and figure out the root of these issues. Cutting out potential triggers such as alcohol is an important boundary that could help your long-term relationship.

Or if you do not like being spoken to in a certain way, setting boundaries and prioritising your feelings is the only way you and your partner can begin to heal your rift.

Set Time Aside for One Another


Sometimes it is as simple as needing more time for each other! After a while, couples can begin to fall into a rhythm that deadens the spark, a rut many find difficult to break. Mutually agreeing that you need time to exist as a couple will help bring you closer again. Organising spontaneous dates or outings is a great way to find more things in common again and create new memories, livening up your time together.

Life can be incredibly stressful, and sometimes it feels like looking out for a partner can add to that. Therefore, remembering to have fun is critical to keeping yourself happy in a relationship! How did you fall in love in the first place? Exploring why that was and finding some of that again can only bring you closer together.

The one unifying element of all of these tips is communication! Without it, relationships are doomed to fail! You cannot expect a quick fix to a relationship or only work on something once to improve things. Any relationship worth having in life requires work and compromise, whether that is a friendship or your partner.

Finally, acknowledging that working on things isn’t a sign of weakness but shows a loving commitment to your partner will allow you to regain that long-forgotten spark.