Eco-Friendly Nursery

Nowadays, people are more aware of the effects of their actions to the environment. People are now more mindful with their lifestyle as well as the things that they use every day. More and more people are starting to get curious about living a sustainable lifestyle with so many new brands coming out and claiming to sell eco-friendly products. 

Eco-friendly or green products are those that are made from all natural materials and ingredients. This means that they don’t use toxic chemicals and even produce less waste during production up to consumption. 

For eco-friendly parents out there, you might be wondering how to create an eco-friendly nursery – given that a lot of baby items are usually made from plastic. It is actually possible to give your baby a room that is sustainable with the same level of functionality as regular nurseries. Read along and learn more how. 

Choose the Right Furniture Pieces

Baby furniture are the main components that you can find in a nursery. There are so many cute baby furniture that are really tempting to buy, but it is really important to be wise in choosing the pieces you’re going to put in the nursery. From a sustainable point of view, it is best to choose pieces that grow with your baby. 

For instance, instead of choosing that cute crib, you could opt for a baby bed that could be expanded into a toddler or kid’s bed. These pieces last longer and are more worth it compared to those childish pieces that can’t be used for a long time. You could look for sustainable baby products online for a more convenient shopping experience.

Be Creative

Sometimes, you don’t really need to shop for everything that you need in the nursery. Take a look on the things that you already have and maybe there are some items that you could place in the nursery instead. For instance, you could use an old dresser you have and turn it into a diaper changing station with added drawers for more storage space in the nursery. Be creative and you’ll be amazed on what you could do with your old things. 

Look for Non-Toxic Toys

A lot of baby toys these days are made from plastics and other materials that contain chemicals which can cause harm to the baby. Look for ones that are made from natural and non-toxic materials to be sure that it doesn’t harm the environment. Aside from being safe to the environment, these toys are also safe for your baby. 

Check Out Thrift Stores

Babies outgrow their things so fast and you’ll notice that you need to buy new stuff again since the old ones aren’t fit for your little one anymore. Check out thrift stores for baby stuff such as clothing, gear, and other things that babies use regularly. Aside from being able to save a lot, you can also help the environment by using those items that can still be used – lessening the wasted baby items.

There are still other more ways to create an eco-friendly nursery. Just be creative and more open-minded in looking for ways to save the environment even in little ways.

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