Colored glass has been used to decorate cathedrals, palaces, and museums for a long time. Residential colored glass is more common now due to the widespread availability of glass and mirror services. The limitless design capabilities available with colored glass further incentivizes homeowners to use them.

When properly designed and positioned, colored glass imbues a home with a classic feel. The many possible variations of colored glass designs make it challenging to select the perfect pick. There are endless possibilities and ideas in interior design, so before starting a project, it is important to consult an interior design company such Swiss Interior beforehand. If you are looking to add colored glass to your interior decor, here are six interior design tips:

Increase Natural Lighting

Colored glass does not let in as much light as clear glass windows. This factor may result in dull lighting in a room with colored glass. Supplement the warm hues from your colored glass windows with extra natural light to brighten the room.

Infuse a portion of your windows with colored glass, leaving the rest with lightweight clear glass to allow abundant sunlight. Boost the interior outlook by installing bright curtains and mirrors to spread light and supplement the effect of your colored glass windows.

This design also allows for unique art to be implemented. For example, many front doors have small windows in the door or above the door. Adding a sun with bright yellow rays of colored glass and intervals of clear glass provides an interesting design while still allowing natural light into the area.

Play Around With Color Patterns in a Variety of Rooms


Interior design allows you to unleash creativity in original ways into your home. Start by selecting a dominant group of colors for your room and design your colored glass windows to match it. Play around with colors and patterns to create a particular design perfect for your home.

A colored glass hue extends to the whole room, creating unique lighting that can complement or contrast your decor. You can plan the color of other home features according to the dominant shade of your colored glass windows.

Colored glass does not only belong in windows, however. A glass and mirror service also manufactures glass that can go on top of kitchen counters or office desks. Adding colored glass to your kitchen counters offers a pop of color to a neutral room. Or if a room is already full of bright colors, glass with a more neutral color can create a focal point.

A glass and mirror service shop can custom-make your preferred color combination or decorative design.

Contrast the Colored Glass With a White Background

Paint your walls, the door, and window trim white to accentuate your colored glass windows. A white background is perfect with colored windows as it contrasts the warmer hues, making your design stand out. Against a white background, your creatively designed colored glass windows look like a work of art.

You can add other neutral elements with a white background to create a minimalist effect. Add fixtures whose features emphasize the decor of your colored glass windows. Additions like lamp shades or pillows can match the colored glass and bring a cohesive look to the room.

Customize Colored Glass Into Fixtures


Colored glass goes well with rustic surfaces and fixtures. You can revamp your ordinary home utilities and fixtures by customizing them with colored glass patterns. Add style to your home with colored glass doors, ceilings, and lighting fixtures.

Create an exciting feel to a room in your home by installing a colored glass ceiling. A ceiling made of a glass can be harder to insulate so this design often works best for sunrooms with plants. This installment lets in a lot of light and serves as a conversation piece for you and your guests. It may add to the value of your home.

Glass and mirror services are widely available, allowing you to have the design of your choice upon request. Customize your cabinet doors and tables with colored glass surfaces to give your home a modern feel. Add a colored glass layer to your lighting features to achieve intimate lighting on select occasions at your home.

Etch Art Into Your Colored Glass

Embed your desired art into your colored glass windows, which are hard and durable enough to handle the molding process. The glass and mirror service you work with will be able to tell you what types of designs are possible.

Art etched onto colored glass windows gives a distinctive glow when light shines on the windows. Etched art works great in bathroom shower doors and windows to obscure views and provide interesting light textures. Colored glass with etched art is perfect for any room where you need more privacy, such as a home office or bathroom.

Supplement With Rustic Assets


Colored glass gives a modern feel that blends well with rustic furniture and finishes. Supplement your colored glass installments with wooden furniture with natural finishes. Antique chairs and cabinets complement the modern design of colored glass. Rich-toned wood employs a similar aesthetic to colored glass to create a warm and comfortable feeling.

Wooden surfaces blend nicely with colored glass, giving a modern feel that appeals to many. If you’ve stocked your home with wooden finishing, identify the colored glass combination that improves your home’s aesthetic.

Ask the glass and mirror service what colors look good with dark wood like mahogany versus light colored wood like pine. No matter what you choose, glass atop wooden furniture allows the high-quality and high-class hardwood to stand out.

Get Colored Glass Additions

Colored glass interior decor is in style in residential interior design. Revamp your home with colored glass by contrasting it with a white background, rustic surfaces, and etched art. Design options for colored glass interiors are limitless; you can play around with colors and accentuate colored glass with natural lighting.

Get your colored glass design customized at any glass and mirror services business today to spruce up your home. You can add a unique attraction to your property with colored glass. Colored glass can take your home value to the next level.