Remote tuition

Today’s online tutoring

As it is always a very great thing to meet face to face but in today’s world online tuition is the best way to go with as mobile app Development Company has been so forward these days. We are now in an era of social distancing and there is not even calling demands of tutors. The best online tutoring websites has many thousands of teachers and this application can be easily launched when you will take Mobile App Development Services.

Top 5 Remote tuition features

Remote tuition platform and its features has to be equipped with all these basic features so that they could face the smooth running of the class.


A user just need an internet connection and a device to create teacher’s profile and the teacher’s application are free to download


The app should provide the easiest user interface to the teachers and students so that they can manage leads, interact with other, add and delete the list and also able to understand users profile.

3.   Scheduling of classes

Online tutoring app should provide teachers the schedule of class so that it provide a very user friendly interface to user.

4.   Social engagements

App should have social sharing as well such as on Face book, twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Gmail and others. It will help the promotions of classes easily and can get the feedback of the app.

5.   Brandings

Teachings application should offers students and teachers a great touch of personalization. Students and teachers can customize their profiles according to their means.

Top 10 Online tutoring application and websites

There are many online Remote tuition platform and its features that has helps the student a lot at any time and at everywhere. Some of them are as follows:

1.   Chegg

2.   Club Z

3.   E tutor world

4.   Khan academy

5.   Learn to be

6.   Preply

7.   The Princeton review

8.   Revolution prep

9.   Skooli

10.   Smart thinking

Benefits of online tutoring


Online tutoring is a very safe mode as all tutors are gone through safety checks that includes their address, ID, passports numbers, and a DBS checks. The results of all the checks are posted on all tutors profile because while searching for tutors the users can be confident that they are in the safe hands.


While searching for the tutor’s user can filter them by their location and can choose the option that students want to be taught online or at student’s home or anywhere they want to be in a comfortable place.


One of the biggest benefit of the online tutoring is that it demands the very low rates and even tutors can earn more instead of teaching on other platforms. For the first 3 months tutors don’t have to pay any commission but after that they only have to pay 10% and that’s a very low number.


The online tutoring centers have very secure payment system and it demands students to pay them in a very safe area. Like other online tutoring websites tutors have to get paid within 48 hours and in this way tutors never get out of pocket.


Online tutoring center with students and tutors very flexible services. The website shows the availability of the tutor which allows students to book the tutor any time when they are free.

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