Perfect Wall Art

Choosing the perfect wall art for your living space may seem challenging if you haven’t got the artist in you. Nevertheless, you do not necessarily have to be a pro to make your home a beautiful haven. Your love for your warm home and a little bit of guidance and advice is just what you need to help make the right decor choices. Here are some of the basics that is meant just for you to get started.

Choose What You Love

This isn’t really a tip, but a rule. Just like you are super passionate when you choose your furniture, cushions and bedding, you will make sure you base your wall art choice on ‘love’. No matter how well a certain piece fits a criteria, you would not put it up on the wall if you do not absolutely love it with all your heart. Whatever you choose to put on your wall should generate feelings of excitement, happiness, and calmness, if it doesn’t, it does not deserve space on your wall.

Choose a Good Size

An oversized piece of art can throw off the balance in a given space if it is not placed right, so does one that is too small. Both the size of your wall and the size of your art need to go together. Before you start looking at pieces of art, take a good look at the wall you’ve decided to decorate. Note down the dimensions before paying a visit to the store. If you do not have much of a clue, it is best to speak to experts at the store and obtain guidance on getting a piece of art that is just the right size.

Go with the Style

Your home is likely to have been set up based on a certain style. When you step back and take a good look at your home, you will see that there is a certain style that it has been set upon – whether it was intended or not. Think about whether the interiors look more like a modern home, or if it is more towards traditional styles. Wall art with black and white combos and abstract art for instance, might blend better in a modern setting than it does in a traditional looking home.

Choose by Colour

Although this may sound like a simple technique, you would not be able to achieve a proper outcome if the technique is not implemented in the right way. If you want to go by colour to create something exquisite on your wall, you need to know how it can be done. 

One way to go is by picking out one or two colours/hues that are present in the space already, and let’s play around with these tones to help pick a certain piece of art. On the other hand, if your space contains a dominating colour already that you’d established intentionally, you might want to make it a primary colour in your piece of art, too. Consider opting for combinations and shades that will blend with the space, beautifully!

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