With more megapixels and advancements in cellphone cameras, mobile photos have started to match the quality of professional cameras. There’s nothing you can’t do with them today. You can stream music videos on the go if you have a mobile and internet plan like Charter internet and mobile or shoot a video for your YouTube channel! Many celebrities like Selena Gomez have shot their whole music videos on an iPhone! How incredible is that!

Besides shooting videos, a lot of Instagram influencers upload content clicked from their smartphones. Lightroom is an excellent application that allows editing those photos and making adjustments. Just like the desktop version, you can download Lightroom presets on your smartphone to make your photos more appealing.

Methods of Downloading Lightroom Presets on Your Phone

Lightroom presets are custom filters that you can use on your photos while editing on Adobe Lightroom applications. There are different ways of installing Lightroom presets on the desktop version. But you can also download Presets and use them on your Lightroom mobile application.

Through Lightroom Desktop Version

If you have Lightroom on your computer or mac, you can easily install Lightroom presets. A major advantage is that using Adobe creative cloud with Lightroom gives you access to the same presets on the mobile application. You do not have to install them separately on your phone.

The first thing you need to install presets is to download them on your computer. You can find free and paid presets from different sources. Install them on your computer and head to the Lightroom application. Find the Profile Import option and import the presets to the Lightroom application. Once your presets are included in your Lightroom, you can view them in the mobile application too. But to do so, you should be signed in with the same Adobe Creative Cloud login.

Directly on Mobile Lightroom Mobile Application

If you do not have Adobe Creative Cloud on the computer or even the paid version of the mobile application, you can still install and use presets. By following the steps below, you can easily access presets and use them to edit your photos:

  • Find and download Lightroom Mobile presets.  
  • Open the Lightroom Mobile application. 
  • Select the photo/image you want to edit from your phone storage.  
  • Click on the presets option on the Lightroom application and click on the icon with three dots. 
  • Choose the option of Import Presets to open your installed presets in the application.  
  • Patiently wait for the presets to load in the application and use them on your photos.

You do not have to repeat the process repeatedly whenever you open the application. The presets you import are accessible directly from the application after importing for the first time.

DNG Files Converted to Lightroom Presets on Mobile

Another method of adding new presets to your Lightroom mobile is to download DNG files and convert them to presets. This method works on both iPhone and Android devices. Even the process is simplistic on both types of smartphones.

You simply have to download DNG files on your mobiles and share them with the Lightroom application. When you launch the app, select the file you want to convert and click the three dots icon on the top right corner. Few options will appear on your screen along with a create a preset option. Select the option and name your preset. Further, you also have to create a new preset group and name it as well. Leave the other settings to default. Your preset is ready to use on the images.

You can repeat the same process to create more presets from DNG files. Like the previous method, you do not have to repeat this whole exercise to access presets every time.

Important Note

These were three easy methods of installing Lightroom presets on mobile devices. However, one thing you need to keep in mind. The presets you create on mobile devices will not show up on the desktop version unless you have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. When you are a customer, your desktop and mobile presets will show up on both Lightroom applications.

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