He became famous when he began dealing in drugs. He did drug dealing and got involved with the black mafia, money laundering and drug trafficking businesses.

He was the youngest brother of Demetrius Flenory, a famous actor and rapper.

Early life and education 

Terry was born in Detroit, a place in The United States of America. Terry had an African ethnicity. This Capricorn was born in the year of 1970.  Famously known as southwest T. Along with his siblings, brother Demetrius Edward Flenory and sister Nicole Flenory they became the black mafia family. Terry did go to a high school.


His appearance presented his African ethnicity through his black eyes and hair. He had a muscular and athletic built. He wasn’t tall, just 5ft 8inches but weighed around 80kg. 

Personal life

Terry had multiple affairs with gorgeous women. He had relationships with many female businesses women too. Terry also dated the first lady who became a part of the black mafia family. His wife was Tonesa Welch with whom Terry had a good relationship. There is little known about his children. There are sources that state his son’s name to be Demetrius Flenory Jr. 

Lifetime achievement 

Terry sold drugs with his brother when he was just in high school. The illegal business of the black mafia family was established by terry and Big Meech. They also set up a brand, southwest black magic. Terry became famous when he became the illegal black mafia head.

There was a production company who ran a series on the black mafia family under Randy Huggins who was the producer. The company was GNU films. The black mafia organisation rose to prominence when they became published in world famous magazine called SMACK.

A popular Hollywood actor, Da Vinchi played the role of Terry in the series names as The Black Mafia family. 

His unlawfull cocaine selling business made him a subject of interest for the police. News report that Terry was shot by the police recently. It is not known if he was killed or is he still alive. Terry holds a lot of popularity with 193k Instagram followers. 

Many brands advertised through his social media. He himself owned a very successful brand called the southwest black magi. Being a lover of the cigarette, terry had a collaboration with rappers and singers which gave him more fame. 

Net Worth and salary 

Being a drug dealer, entrepreneur, businessman and an investor he was indeed rich. Sources made an estimate of his net worth that was around 100 million dollars.

Final statement on Terry

He is a very famous drug dealer from Black Mafia family. It is not known if he died or is he still alive. Police did shoot Terry. The success of Terry gained him a lot of fans.

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