Terms and Conditions

A heartiest welcome to viralmagazinenews.com

This section outlines all the terms and conditions that state the rules and regulations for the use of our website. Readout terms and conditions before using our website.

Below terminologies are stated in accordance with our terms and conditions,

  1. client = “ you / your” with reference to the person using the website.
  2. The company= “we/our/us“ with reference to our company.
  3. “Party/ parties/ Us” with reference to our company and client both.

Above mentioned word usage is taken into consideration with singular and plural. The references refer to consideration of pay, to offer and to accept the needs of the client in a simple benefitting way keeping in view with the company’s profit of interest and prevailing law.


Our website uses cookies for proper functioning to make the website more beneficial for the users. By using our website we consider you in agreement with our privacy policy. Our partners in collaboration with us use cookies too.


Our website is licensed and holds the right of claim to all intellectual property except otherwise stated. Our terms and conditions forbids the following rights and It is not permitted:

  • To republish the content from our website
  • Sell or rent content from our website
  • Produce again or replicate content from our website
  • Recirculate content from our website

Our website gives the opportunity to posting and exchange of thoughts whether personal opinions of random information on the website.

Opinions of users are untouched by editing or any filter. They are raw expressions of the users who desire to express their thoughts. The website and its affiliates are not involved in any influence or direct commenting of opinions. The website holds no responsibility for any damage or suffering caused by the posting of these comments.

The website hold the authority to check the comments. It has under its right the ability to remove any comment coming under the category of being inappropriate or breaking the Terms and Conditions of the website. The following represent warranty:

  • The user is allowed to post any comment on the website. All consents are provided.
  • The comment should refrain from breaches the rights of intellect which involves copyright, patent or trademark of any party other than the website itself.
  • The Comments should be free from obscene language and negative unethical remarks. Unlawful content should not be utilised.
  • Comments should not promote personal agendas and businesses. No unlawful work should be promoted through our Website.

The user of the website gives the right to the website to hold authority over their comments and to edit and use their comments in any form.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The below list includes organisations holding the right to refer our Website without an approval beforehand.

  • Government authorities
  • Other Search engine
  • News delivery platforms
  • Online directory distributors link to our Website for business purposes
  • Authority of Businesses except non-profit organisations and others forms of charity and fundraisers.

Any organisation in accordance with our rules can link our home page for publication purposes and for other means until and unless it is not deceiving. It should not sponsor or endorse something false. It should not link any party for approval. Link request we consider are from the below listed organisations:

  • Sources coming under business and consumer information.
  • Any form of consumer community sites.
  • Any philanthropic group or association.
  • Any online directory distributors.
  • Internet portals.
  • Firms under subjects of accounting, law and consultation.
  • Any association involved in education and trade.

Approval of a request to link from such organisations is only if the website decides that the link is beneficial for the website’s own business, the organisation using the link has a clean and positive record with the website and the hyperlink benefits the website where it is invisible. The material of information used in the link should be general.

The organisation should not link our homepage if it is in any deception or is a fake sponsorship of any party, service or product and if it doesn’t go by the rules of our website for linking third party sites.

If an organisation falls under any listed category and is keen on linking with our Website they can still contact us for our Website to acknowledge their request. An email can be sent to us which should include your name, your organisation’s name, any form of contact information and a URL of your site, URLs being intended to be linked to our Website and URLs on our website to which your website is keen to link with. Kindly wait a few weeks, around 2-3 for our response.

The following list includes approved organizations that may hyperlink to our Website:

  • Use of our corporate name
  • Use of the regulated resource locator to attach the link
  • Use of proper description of our Website when linked with a proper form of context and content format.

Our website doesn’t allow any copy of logo, trademark, artwork and will not allow linking in conditions of an absent trademark licence. 

Content Liability

Our website holds no responsibility for any content appearing on the website. We shall not be responsible for any content that you find on the Website. No reference of link appearing on the Website should be perceived indecent or unlawful nor involved in the violation of any rights.

Reservation of Rights

We save the right to request for removal of links to our website. All links to our website will have to be removed if we request. Our terms and Conditions and linking policy can change as per our wants. If you link our website you are bound by our rules.

In conditions where specific material is considered offensive kindly inform us for it to be acknowledged. We don’t state the authenticity of information nor do we ensure the website’s material availability.