If you’re in the real estate market, you already know much about staging. Staging is the method of preparing your property for sale in the marketplace. As the name suggests, it entails showcasing your home’s best assets to impress potential buyers, including direct mail postcards. It also allows you to sell your home much faster at the highest possible price.

Here’s how to stage your home for sale like a pro.

Clean from top to bottom, and inside and out


One of the best ways to stage your home for sale is by cleaning properly. A spotless home conveys to potential buyers that you have maintained the property well. As a result, you should clean the entire house, including the ceiling and the floors. Remember everything in between as well.

If you don’t have any new kitchen appliances, make sure the few you have on display are spotless. Similarly, ensure your bathrooms are spotless, including the areas behind the toilet, the drain in the sink, and the tub’s corners. The idea is to make everything appear brand-new.

Stage your home’s front entrance

Your home’s entrance is the first thing that potential buyers notice. Consequently, you need to stage it properly if you wish to make your property more appealing.

You don’t need to go overboard either in this case. You can easily make your front entrance much more welcoming with a few potted plants, a chair, and a cafe table if there is a porch. You could also include sconce lighting.

Prepare your home for marketing through direct mail postcards


Direct mail postcards are an effective marketing tool if you’re looking to attract buyers who want to relocate permanently within the area. Direct mail postcards in real estate communicate a lot about a property.

Notably, postcards build brand recognition and familiarity in target areas. They also notify potential buyers of newly listed properties, thus encouraging interest. The direct mail postcards also alert individuals whose homes haven’t yet been bought of your presence in the market.


There are two main issues with clutter. One is that it takes attention away from the positive aspects of your house. Clutter also makes your home appear smaller. Items you don’t use frequently should be packed up and put in storage right away.

It’s also time to get rid of things you don’t need, like the food that has gone bad in the back of the cabinets and the children’s outgrown clothes and toys. The emptier the storage space, the better.

Use house plants


Using real houseplants when staging your home for sale also works to make the house more appealing. The plants help to connect with the buyers’ emotions. It makes your home feel less like a hotel and more of a place the potential buyer can live in. Most importantly, you have to ensure that the plants are fresh when you’re showcasing your home.

Define your rooms

Ensure that each space serves a single, clear purpose. Moreover, ensure that each room’s spaces are used for a specific purpose. This will show potential buyers how to make the most of the house’s square footage. For instance, you could make an office out of your finished attic if you have one.

A junk room can be converted into a guest bedroom, and a finished basement can serve as an entertainment space. The buyer needs to understand that every square inch of the house is usable space, even if they do not intend to use the room for the same purpose.

Refinish damaged or worn-out hardwood floors


Hardwood flooring can be easily and affordably upgraded by having it refinished. Make sure the wood floors in the house are in good condition and not overly worn, especially in the bigger rooms with a lot of open floor space.

Even with the most exquisite furniture, a dirty or scratched floor will make the space appear less expensive overall. You could refinish with a quick laminate floor to make the space more appealing.

Address any upgrades with your realtor

Before you decide to make any upgrades to your home, ensure to consult your realtor. That’s because they are experienced in the real estate marketplace and know what works.

The realtor will advise you accordingly and help you identify the upgrades that mostly appeal to potential buyers within the area. Making outdated upgrades might lower your property’s value.

Paint the walls with neutral colors


Instead of using wallpaper, consider painting your walls with neutral colors. If you have wallpaper, do not paint over it because the potential buyer will perceive that as shabby. In fact, they may think that they’ll have to do extra paintwork when they purchase the property.

Realtors advise people to paint their homes with warm and neutral colors because not everyone likes custom colors. You need to know that people have different tastes and preferences.

Therefore, whatever works for you may not work for another. The wall colors should allow the potential buyers to envision their décor.

Rearrange your furniture to make the house look more spacious

Furniture arrangement and appearance communicate a lot about your home. It can appeal to or deter buyers. Make sure the furniture is the appropriate size for the space and avoid cluttering. A room will appear smaller if the furniture is too large, while a room with too little furniture may feel cold.

Avoid cheap furniture. It won’t cost much to replace your current furniture, and you might even rent furniture to stage your house. In either case, make sure the furniture is attractive, orderly, and welcoming. Throw pillows could also help add a splash of color to your furniture.

Accessorize your kitchen


The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in a house; therefore, you should accessorize it to make your property more appealing. You can invest in several high-end kitchen accessories to attract people with plenty of disposable income.

It’s not necessary for the accessories to be expensive. They only need to appear like they’re of high quality and costly. You can also add a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen walls and cabinets to make them more appealing.


Staging your home for sale like a pro requires specific tactics, especially those mentioned in this post. If you do it correctly, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll sell your home quickly and for the best price in the market.