Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) are a reliable way of managing the production of electronic devices for any company that does not have its own manufacturing infrastructure. Electro-mechanical assembly is one of the high-level assembly (HLA) forms offered by some EMS providers. It delivers a completely finished product based on electro-mechanical integration to original equipment manufacturers (OEM).Learn more about HLA in this article.

Complex production of devices you design


HLA is a solution for OEMs who have already designed their devices and created bills of materials required for production. With such product and technology specifications, they can set a manufacturing process with a chosen contract manufacturer.

Assel is one of the leading Polish EMS providers with whom you can start production from the level of PCB assembly to HLA. Assel is equipped with adequate facilities to use modern SMT or more conventional THT mounting. If your product also requires potting or conformal coating for higher resistance, you can complete this production step with Assel too.

The final production phase at Assel will be electro-mechanical integration of different levels of complexity, for instance, cabinet assembly.

Flexible manufacturing


Contract manufacturers have different capacities for handling production. Many of them have the infrastructure more adjusted to LMHV production, or low-mix high-volume. With this technological approach, OEMs can get a large bulk of devices with small variations.

Assel also provides its clients with a more flexible solution known as HMLV or high-mix low-volume. It is a suitable approach for manufacturing smaller amounts of highly diverse goods.

The flexibility of production at Assel also means the possibility to change the manufacturing cycle or materials after the start of production. Assel manages the supply chain for OEMs and ensures any materials and components used for manufacturing are in line with the project specifications.

Electronic equipment compliant with ISO standards


Similarly to the simple PCBA services, electro-mechanical assembly can also be completed according to general and industry-specific ISO standards.

For instance, Assel has generally applicable certifications such as ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 22301 for business continuity management. At the same time, it possesses the key certificates for the seamless introduction of healthcare devices to the market such as ISO 14001 and ISO 13485.

Support your business with experienced HLA service provider

If you choose the right contract manufacturer specializing in electro-mechanical integration, your co-operation will be even more fruitful. Not only will your product meet your requirements, but it will also be compliant with the respective ISO standards. In addition to it, you will get broader control over the production cycle with the possibility of readjusting it to your changing needs. Explore HLA onĀ