Sober Living

A need to get back to normal life is seen after a person returns from rehabilitation. But this need also comes along with the feeling of getting drunk or taking drugs. It is better to restart your life after rehab, but it is best to get your thoughts on track first by moving  into a sober living environment in San Francisco.

Living with the family is something everyone desires after rehabilitation. But moving in with family can cause serious issues, further leading to more substance abuse. Instead, you could try to live with your peers for a shared experience and mutual feelings of recovering with the best help possible. 

Why Choose to Live in Sober Houses To Recover From  Addiction 

It is crucial to acknowledge drug or substance abuse’s negative and positive consequences. Let us discuss these in the following topics below :

Safe Environment

To get back to normal life and live peacefully without falling back into the old self, one must reside in a happy and peaceful environment in the initial phase. The sober homes should provide you with a secure environment in and out of the house where you can feel safe and make your stay a pleasurable one.


The utmost importance is given to being simply sober. It is essential to provide proof of 24 hours of alcohol and 72 hours of other drug sobriety. One can only be admitted to the sobriety homes when they clear these tests. It can sometimes be challenging, but it is not impossible after staying at rehabilitation centers.

Recovery Based Meetings

They provide help whenever needed and with recovery-based meetings with health counselors and social help. There are addiction therapists who can be of great help in overcoming cravings. 

Good Peers

If our peers can pressure us to start a wrong thing like drinking or smoking, then our peers can also help us overcome these habits that negatively affect us and get over them. When you see people like you also trying to help themselves, you are bound to feel motivated and inspired to make changes within yourself. 

Rules And Guidelines of Sober Living Houses

Some houses are flexible yet rigid with our timings of curfew. They will let you have fun and even bring in guests. But the guest cannot stay overnight. They have different sections for males and females. This helps avoid other social issues faced by both genders. Hence, no sexual molestation whatsoever. Also, by going through regular sobriety tests, you can determine that you are clean; hence, a feeling of self-satisfaction and achievement set in, which helps you move forward with pride and accomplishment. 

The Consequence Of Substance Abuse Can Be Avoided

Once out of rehab, many people tend to get back to their same old habits, forgetting what consequences they may have faced in their earlier lives and how they affected them. They are available to remind you to be mindful of those limitations and help you guide through them. Some various tasks and activities help you understand the importance of sober living. Hence, chances of relapse can be avoided.

Tips On Choosing  An Appropriate Sobriety House

Plenty of houses claim to be nice and happening, but you need to thoroughly check and verify if the house is safe enough to stay in. Here are some points on what kinds of houses you can avoid. 

Should Not Be a Rundown Buildings

An unsafe appearance is the first sign you must look for when trying to search for a nice place. If the condition of the place is bad, it can definitely be unsafe and unhygienic too.

Should Have Provisions for Privacy

Privacy and security are a must when looking for a house to live for overcoming addiction. 

Should Not Be Free of Cost

There is no such thing that claims to be a free-living house. There have to be charges required because each house needs a maintenance cost, and any amount is to be paid to people who do therapy and counseling.

Tests Regularly

It is very important and crucial to conduct regular and random drug tests because otherwise, you would not know if you are recovering properly or not. Chances of relapse are high hence try to avoid people who do not test regularly.

Has trained or certified staff

A well-maintained and highly qualified staff is essential in a sobriety home to keep the place up to the mark and for a better living for the people who are trying to overcome substance abuse.


In closing, it can be said that the challenges of overcoming any drug abuse or alcohol addiction can get pretty dangerous when getting back to normalcy. Hence, considering a safe and peaceful sobriety house can be helpful and fruitful in the long run.

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