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Shopping list-makers are tremendously best use of mobile phones. You can take it with you all the time, and that also has grocery stores. We don’t need to accumulate a great setup all you have to do just carry your phone all the time with you. It is quite logical to add a list of groceries on it instead of carrying it out with a second choice. Fortunately, there is an abundance of options in this slot. Undoubtedly there is some best than others. Let’s dig out some shopping list maker apps for Android and Apple phones.


It is one of the great list-making and to-do list apps. The focal point of these apps is on the list, names, and sketching to-do-list for any subject. It will add and cross off items as quickly as you want to complete them, with an abundance of list support, and also can make your category for better organization. Since the apps designs groceries list particularly more nicely categorized items for users. Lists are shareable with friends and they also can add edit them according to too the requirement of the situation. If the whole family is using then they have to pay $14.99 annually but as an individual, you have to pay $9.99. The Premium version includes more features like meal planning, import recipes from the website, and passcode lock.


This is a pretty and user-friendly list-making app. it performs mundane tasks related to groceries and includes elegance. One can easily make several lists for a plethora of things. Product photos can easily be uploaded if you are looking for beautiful packaging. It’s quite amazing and simple. Bring id entirely free with no annoying ads.

Google keep notes:

Google keeps supports many notes also daily notes, pictures, and even about location. It is easy to use and one of the powerful notes taking applications.  Some lists are adaptable for groceries. These notes can be shared with family members and class fellows. This is the appropriate way that everyone can list, check items off as required, and also add more to it. It is a beneficial and practical approach. Moreover, it is free, systemized your phone, and has more manageable features.

Listonic grocery shopping list:

It is an average rating shopping app because it works like traditional shopping list apps. You open it, add your required list, and then check off the specific items as you shop. However, this app also blusters of recommendation engine. Overall it will recommend you to add more items as you do in normal shopping to make life easier and also remind you in the case if you forget something. This app suggests you shopping ideas in case if you don’t want to purchase the same things again and again.

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