Trinidad Valentin

The music star Saweetie’s mother making an appearance at the Billboards amazed the people. They all got enchanted by her looks and style. It was unbelievable to acknowledge the fact that Saweetie’s mother was so young and beautiful. The internet went crazy over the pictures of Trinidad at the billboard’s event. We have gathered all information about Trinidad, Saweetie’s mother for you in this article. 

Who Is Saweetie and Trinidad Valentin?

Saweetie is a famous rapper in America and Trinidad Valentin is her mother. She is getting famous with each passing day. Trinidad herself is an American music model. 

Trinidad’s early life and education 

She was born in California, United States Of America. Trinidad is a Filipina-Chinese national and a Christian by religion. At the age of 45 currently but her date of birth is unknown. Trinidad’s ethnicity is a mix of Chinese and Philippine. Her father was a former football player in America. He was a linebacker for San Francisco’s team. Trinidad was enrolled in a private school in Central Valley, California. She completed her high school studies there too. Further details of her educational qualifications are kept hidden from the public.

Personal Life and children 

Trinidad married Johnny Harper who she was in a relationship with for a while. The marriage gave them three daughters including two twins. Saweetie, Maya, and Milan were the three daughters Trinidad had. Trinidad had her first child, Saweetie when she was a teenager. All her daughters were raised as Christians. She also has a son name Noah. 

Personality Of Trinidad 

Like every woman likes makeup Trinidad adores makeup as a hobby. She carries herself in style and fashion. Her nails are kept long and beautifully artistic. She is very fond of rings and wears them almost all the time. Her favourite colours are Black and White but she enjoys wearing brighter shades of colors. 

Trinidad’s love for animals is also vast. Her hobbies include travelling and dancing to enjoy leisure. For food she likes to have Italian cuisine. Like every other mother she also enjoys cooking, watching movies and going shopping. She is the face of many magazines and that too many times.

Her Success In Entertainment Industry 

Trinidad started as a video vixen for musicians like LL Cool J. She later played music for R&B stars like Tenvin Campbell for instance. She helped her eldest daughter Saweetie make her poetry popular. We appeared for a Billboard event. The Billboard Magazine recently held its annual award ceremony to celebrate Women in Music Awards. Saweetie was given the year’s game-changer award and that too by the rapper’s own mother, Trinidad. 

Sweetie’s mother

Her appearance at the award ceremony made people go crazy after her. Her beauty and elegance amazed many. The 45 year old looked ethereal which made people comment shockingly about her beauty. 

Sweetie’s Success 

After breaking through Saweetie had many recognizable hits. There are many songs that became famous like Icy Girl, My Type, Back to the Streets and many more amazing songs. Saweetie gradually became a music star by her talent and hardwork. Her net worth rose to be around 4 million dollars. Trinidad became famous as Sweetie’s mother due to her appearance at the awards. Saweetie won many awards for her talent in music and trending music videos. She recently won an award at the billboards for being the game changer of the year.Trinidad gave the award to Saweetie. 

Net Worth 

Trinidad holds a net worth of 900k dollars. She has worked hard as a model and still continues to do modelling opportunities. This made her have a big bank balance. Trinidad supported her daughters in their career. She started promoting them from a young age. Her daughters also have successful careers in the entertainment industry. Saweetie is a successful music star with a huge net worth too. 


The Billboard event astonished the people all over the internet when Saweetie won the award of the year’s game changer. The billboards award was handed over to her by her own mother, Trinidad. Trinidad holds a ravishing career in modelling herself. Seeing her appear on the stage amazed people. She looked young and beautiful. This later went viral all over the internet. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Who is Saweetie’s mother?

A well renowned model who made a huge sum through her modelling career. Saweetie, the music star received an award honoured to her by her mother recently. She is named Trinidad Valentin.

Who is Saweetie? 

A music star who had many music videos that were a hit. Saweetie, The music star recently won an award at the billboards.

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