Roulette has been around for ages and of course non GamStop casinos’ players have always tried to gain an edge in the game of roulette. Many strategies and systems have evolved over time. We explain how the most popular roulette strategies work. Also, we will reveal which game strategies make sense and which ones should not be used.

We take great care not to give any wrong tips and remain serious in every detail. We don’t want to give hope if there is no reason for hope. Games of chance are very special games that can be a lot of fun, but there is no one sure way to play that guarantees winnings.

Many people have racked their brains as to how it might be possible to get an edge at roulette. The arsenal of possibilities ranges from adventurous peeking to the popular martingale strategy (doubling as a winning strategy), but we would like to emphasize one thing right at the beginning: there can be no secure roulette betting systems. On the one hand this has to do with the fact that every casino has a house edge and on the other hand with the fact that casinos would quickly go bankrupt if there were secure roulette systems. But still, some game strategies that you can apply at casinos not on GamStop can be useful and entertaining, at least temporarily.

House Edge vs. Roulette Strategy at Non GamStop Casinos?

What is the house edge? In the non GamStop casinos, the house edge is the fact that in all games in which the player competes against the casino, the casino usually has a very small advantage. In roulette, the advantage is particularly small, but it is there. For example, in French roulette, the odds advantage is 2.7 percent. With the so-called prison rule, the house edge is only 1.35 percent. Regardless of the betting pattern, the bank always has an advantage over the player. This is the prerequisite for a casino to be a commercial enterprise.


The goal of all roulette strategies is to overcome the house edge of casinos not on GamStop. Most gaming systems are based on mathematical ideas designed to eliminate the house edge. However, there are also other systems, for example looking at the bowl, where the point is to exploit the imperfect details of the gaming device. The benchmark for any roulette betting system is: is it possible to gain an edge over the non GamStop casino? The most important finding: All roulette systems have weaknesses or an unavoidable disadvantage. There is no such thing as a perfect betting system, even remotely. The expected value should therefore not be too high for the player.

So, we don’t allow any misunderstandings to arise: The mathematical systems are consistently not suitable for implementing a permanent winning strategy or tactic that eliminates the house edge. Mathematics is very brutal in this regard, but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about the fact that in reality it is not possible to achieve a safe system in roulette using mathematical methods. Countless roulette forums on the Internet often claim otherwise, but that doesn’t mean that the forum writers are right.

What Influence Do the Numbers From the Previous Rounds Have on the Result?

Many non GamStop casinos publish the so-called permanences. Basically, these are nothing more than the numbers that have been running for the past few days. The sober mathematical answer to the question of the meaning of the permanences is: In roulette, the current numbers are not influenced by the numbers previously fallen. The justification for this is quite simple: In any case, it is a random result and chance has no memory.

This applies without restriction to the online variants of roulette at non GamStop casinos, since an electronic random number generator is used here.


Theoretically, it is conceivable that permanences in land-based casinos not on GamStop are not completely pointless.

It is worth considering that a casino can change the wheel and the croupier at a table at any time. Both can affect the numbers (see watching the kettle).

In the extreme case, it would be conceivable that certain numbers occur more often than others, but it is very questionable whether this can be directly derived from the permanences.

Most roulette players at non GamStop casinos have no idea about mathematics and probability. This leads to many people believing that, for example, a number that hasn’t come for a long time will definitely come soon. But mathematics sees it differently.

Are There Roulette Strategies that Are Illegal at Casinos Not on GamStop?

Strategies based on certain betting patterns or observing the game are definitely not illegal in the sense of breaking the law, but it may well be that certain house rules apply in a casino, which exclude some roulette strategies. However, this is rarely the case, as the non GamStop casinos also know that the typical roulette strategies do not lead to guaranteed profits. In any case, it is possible to implement all roulette strategies in online casinos not on GamStop, at least with the exception of such strategies as wheel watching, which use the physical characteristics of the roulette game.


In any case, it would be illegal to manipulate the game, for example with a magnet or by moving the roulette table. There have been the most daring attempts in casino history to manipulate roulette tables. Nowadays, however, such attempts are completely pointless, since extensive video surveillance usually takes place in the non GamStop casinos.

Do Non GamStop Casinos Allow Roulette Strategies?

We are not aware of any casino not on GamStop that forbids the typical roulette strategies. All strategies based on game observation or specific betting patterns can be easily implemented in casinos around the world.

As long as it is not a criminal manipulation of the actual game, systems are usually allowed at casinos not on GamStop. Anyone who has ever sat at a roulette table in a casino will probably have seen one or the other player try the Martingale strategy. This is the most common roulette system in practice.