Red Eyes

No one in the world wants to have blurred vision or weak eyesight. Because everyone wants to see the colors of the world. But many factors can contribute to turning your eyes red. 

Here we will discuss the red eyes that you may experience anytime in your lifetime. Red eyes without pain is not a serious condition but you can treat it at home. But you should not trust the online remedies. 

An ophthalmologist in Islamabad shared that many people experience red eyes without any pain but it is not dangerous at all. But if you feel pain along with red eyes, you should be concerned or get medical help.

Some home care tips can help you deal with red eyes which are also known as pink eye or bloodshot eye. The other names of red eyes include inflamed blood vessels and blood in the eyes.

Pink eye with throbbing pain indicates that it may be an underlying condition and you may need medical treatment to treat the condition.

But only pink eye is not a serious concern. You can follow many home remedies to deal with the red eyes problem.

Home Remedies to Treat Red Eye 

If the cause of the red eye is not serious, you can treat the pink or red eye at home with simple yet effective tips. Let’s explore some of the best tips that can help to deal with such eye issues.

Cool Compress: When you start experiencing red eyes, all you need is to take care of your eyes regularly. You can place a cool compress over the eyes. To do this, you need to soak clean cotton wool or cloth in warm or cold water, squeeze it well and then place it on the eyes. Once you place the cotton on your eyes, it will help to get rid of red eyes.

Choose Quality Eye Makeup: Using eye makeup can also increase the risk of red eyes or irritation. There is another option that you can choose to go with, such as hypoallergenic eye makeup. Such type of makeup does not negatively affect your eyes and also reduces the risk of turning your eyes red.

Try Antihistamine Drops: Living with red eyes can even make other people question you what the reason is behind it. But you can simply handle the condition by using antihistamine drops and it is more beneficial when you use these drops when the seasonal allergy is at its peak.

Buy Artificial Tears: Artificial tears are available and you can apply them to keep the moisturizing effect balanced in your eyes.

But people who are sensitive to environmental factors and their eyes easily turn red should be very careful. Every person should know that there are prevention tips that can help to prevent red eyes and also let you live without blurred vision.

Let’s explore more about how you can prevent red eyes.

Prevention Tips 

You can prevent your eyes from turning red by following these tips:

Avoid wearing contact lenses until you get rid of red eyes or it may worsen the condition.

  • Protect your eyes from the potential eye irritants such as environmental factors, like dust, pollen, smoke, and some other causes.
  • Change your pillow cover and towels more often.
  • Do not touch your eyes with your hands until you wash them as hands can easily transfer the germs from one place to your body part.
  • People with seasonal allergies should take a bath before going to bed.
  • Avoid pollen and dust exposure as they also worsen the eyes.

Do you know what a red-eye is?

When your white eyes become bloodshot, it is known as red-eye. It may be caused by blood vessel changes that provide the membrane covering the eye front.

The membrane blood vessels can dilate and turn your eyes red. It may cause allergic reactions, inflammation, and infection which can be caused by bacteria.

If you have been trying home remedies and still do not get any positive effect on your red-eye, you should consult with the doctor and get medical help.

Pink eye which is also known as conjunctivitis can be viral and bacterial. The very first step you should take is to diagnose the cause of the red-eye. Because the treatment depends on the kind of infection.

Some people often wait to go away as they consider it an allergy or virus. If it’s been a week since you developed the red-eye, you should discuss it with the doctor.

One of the most common kinds of red-eye is a viral infection that improves on its own. Some antibiotics can work against infections. These types of infections can spread. Make sure that you do not share your eye makeup with anyone.

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