Growing your cannabis plant takes a lot of time, effort, and skill and it takes the healthy and right type of seed for certain environments. Today we will talk about feminized seeds and just how to spot real from fake ones.

Buying weed is growing easier and easier. Some countries and states are legalising cannabis to a certain extent and now you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle to get your hands on some. The fact that it is now so easy is pretty much boring us and we are looking for new ways to make it a bit troublesome if you like, and we are opting for planting and growing our own.

There are restrictions in certain countries on how much you may plant and grow for yourself, while in others it is completely forbidden. As we mentioned in the beginning, you have to have some skills and horticulture knowledge if you want to grow your wee, with some success. You need some equipment, and space and you need good seeds. Now obtaining seeds is also easy but you have to be sure you got the right ones, and the only place that always sells the right type of seeds we know is Obama Runtz Seeds. Check their store to see what they got for you, and if you are in a search for real feminized seeds, they have got you covered.


Most of you probably know about this but cannabis plants can be male and female plants. Female cannabis plants produce flowers that have natural chemicals that are both psychoactive and therapeutic, and we have all heard about those – THC and CBD. What you probably do not know is that these flowers can produce over 400 different organic chemicals that both act and counteract each other to produce mind-altering high and body healing reliefs.

The purpose of these flowers is to simply produce seeds. The cannabis flower is the plant’s sexual reproductive organ and if a female plant is not pollinated it will put all of its energy into fattening up the flowers and reproducing trichomes. The oils found in the trichome head are what get you high. Trichomes are tiny stock-like growths on the surface of the leaves and flower tissues and the ends of these stocks have heads which are filled with chemicals, tastes and smell that we all love. 

This is the reason why most cannabis growers, especially beginners try to hunt down feminized seeds. When you plant these, you get only the female plant that does not have anything or anyone to fertilize it and it puts all of its energy into these flower buds. They become big and bulky which is what most cannabis growers are after. If on the other hand, you are into the production of cannabis seeds for yourself or for further sale you need a male plant that will pollinate the female one and then instead of big buds you will have flowers full of seeds.

When it comes to seeds each plant that produces them will produce 50% of male and 50% of female seeds, but the trick here is that you never know which sees is which until you let it grow and until it shows its sex. Now when trying to figure out if you got what you paid with feminized seeds or are they fake or real you have your work cut out for you. Let’s try and tell you what you should be looking for…


1. Look for a reputable business

The most important thing here that will guarantee you are getting what you paid for is a business that has a reputation, a good one for that matter. There are a lot of people that sell cannabis seeds, and there are as many people that will sell you hemp seeds that are unusable unleased you use it agriculturally and on a large scale. Cannabis and hemp seeds are similar in seed, for it is hard to tell them apart. This is why it is important to buy your seeds from a business that has some experience and years of operation and that will stand behind their product. Buying from individuals that claim this is what you are paying will often result in you buying something you didn’t want.

2. Take a closer look at the seed


The health of the seed can be visible, although sex can’t. look at the seed and use a magnifying glass if necessary. What you are looking for is good fat and round seed that indicates it will sprout. All others that are dryish and thin will most likely not yield anything and can be discarded, or if you want to try them you can, but probably write them off instantly. Also look for colouring which should be darkish like brown, black or grey, and avoid purplish colours because those are most likely dead seeds.

3. Avoid split packets

Some seed sellers allow their customers to open packets and buy individual seeds. Although it is not a real sign that the seeds have been tampered with and that you may end up with God know what, it is a sign that those seeds after opening will not endure much and that they may have been impacted by heat, cold, sunlight or whatever else that might make it ineffective.

4. Reviews

Another thing that is as important as finding a reputable company is the one that allows for reviews and user feedback. Since the cannabis growing community is just in its infancy now, and it is slightly getting bigger, it is important to use recommendations from other cultivators and see and hear what they have to say about certain businesses and sellers. Visit these as often and you will always have the info you need.

As you can see growing your cannabis, organically and in a controlled environment isn’t that easy if you know what you are doing, if you have the basics figured out and if your products are OK. Besides equipping your place of cannabis growth with all you need you also need strong and quality seeds to grow big and healthy. Sometimes it is hard to know what type of seed you are well, but we told you a few tricks and we gave you pointers on what to focus on. If you follow these you will be fine.