Deciding whether or not to move either yourself or a loved one into a care home can be a difficult process. You may have good reasons to consider a care home to be the best choice, but maybe there are some drawbacks that have changed your mind. Just like any other big life decision, choosing to move into a care home comes with a lot of uncertainty. If you are unsure about what the advantages and disadvantages of moving into a care home might be, here you will find some clarity.

Con: Leaving Home


The most obvious drawback to moving into a care home is the need to leave your own home in the first place. Whether you stay with family or by yourself, moving is stressful no matter who you are. Many people much prefer the idea of living in their own home, even when moving into a care home is the healthier and safer option. Having a condition that means the choice to stay at home is no longer the best for the sake of wellbeing can be incredibly frustrating, either for you or your loved one.

Pro: Reliable Care


The main reason for someone requiring the assistance offered by a care home is that they are not able to take good care of themselves. This is usually due to medical conditions that make looking after themselves a challenge. Care homes are specifically intended to make life more enjoyable and healthier for people who can’t perform most essential everyday tasks for themselves.

Care homes are also meant to protect vulnerable people from an increased possibility of hurting themselves by making accidents less likely to happen, thanks to the safe and monitored environment. For example, if you are looking at moving yourself or a loved one to a signature care home, you can base your decision on the high level of care afforded to all residents. A care home wants everyone who lives in it to receive the best care in safe and comfortable surroundings. You can trust these establishments to make the wellbeing of their residents their top priority.

Con: Costs

Moving to a care home will cost different amounts depending on where you look. Some care homes pride themselves on the luxury element of their care, whereas others are smaller and more affordable as a result. There are usually methods of preparing finances in advance of moving into a care home so that the costs are less of a burden.

Pro: Peace of Mind


Care homes are not only great for providing professional care to people who need it but also offer peace of mind to the families of residents who may be concerned that their loved one is unable to maintain their own wellbeing to the fullest. When a person moves into a care home, the pressure of worrying about their health and safety is alleviated and loved ones can relax, safe in the knowledge that the person they care about is being looked after properly.