Pressure-treated wood decks can be a beautiful addition to any property, but like any other outdoor surface, they need regular maintenance in order to look their best. Here are some tips and rules for keeping your pressure-treated wood deck looking its best.

The Benefits of Pressure Treated Wood

If your deck is in need of a little TLC, don’t fret- there are plenty of maintenance tips and rules that will help keep it looking great. Here are just a few:

– Avoid direct sunlight and UV rays: These can cause the wood to dry out and crack. Instead, choose a shady spot or cover your deck with awnings or a roof during the summer.

– Use a sealant: A sealant can help protect the wood from moisture, fading, and cracking. Apply it once a year in the spring or fall, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Maintain the railing: Railing should be cleaned regularly with a mild detergent and water; if it becomes stained or wet, apply a light coat of WD-40 to prevent rusting.

The Different Types of Pressure Treated Wood


There are a few things to keep in mind when caring for pressure treated wood decks.

– Always use a quality deck cleaner and wood protectant when cleaning your deck.

– Avoid harsh chemicals, alkaline cleaners and abrasives.

– Inspect the deck every six months for signs of wear or damage.

– Replace worn boards, balusters and railings as needed.

How to Clean a Pressure Treated Wood Deck?

If you own a pressure treated wood deck, there are a few things you need to know about how to clean it. Here are some tips to help keep your deck looking good:

– Wipe down the deck with a cloth or a hose every day to remove dirt, dust, and oil buildup.

– Once a week, use a pressure washer on the lowest setting to clean any areas that seem to be especially dirty.

– Do not use acid or chlorine bleach on pressure treated decks; these chemicals can damage the finish. Instead, use a household cleaner like ammonia, water, or even white vinegar.

Guidelines for Maintaining a Pressure Treated Wood Deck

  1. Always clean the deck before and after each use with a good deck cleaner. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasives on your deck.
  2. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule by using a soft cloth to clean the deck every two weeks in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. In the winter, use a milder cleaner once a month.
  3. Never allow water to accumulate on the deck or allow ice to form on the surface. If water does get on the deck, immediately blot it up with a dry cloth. Do not attempt to remove water with a hose or pour oil on the deck to try and stop it from raining down; this will make the wood slippery and dangerous.
  4. Do not fertilize your deck or apply pesticides; these chemicals can damage pressure-treated wood. Instead, consult your local garden center for organic gardening tips that are safe for pressure-treated wood decks.
  5. Avoid parking cars or motorcycles directly on top of the deck; this can cause damage and is not safe.


In this article we’ve discussed the various aspects of keeping a pressure treated deck in good condition and provide some tips on how to best care for it. We hope that this information has been helpful and that you will take advantage of the tips provided to help keep your deck looking great year-round!