Pacman Celebrating Its 30th

Pacman, one of the most recognizable games that impacted many people. Pacman Celebrating Its 30th 30th anniversary with the doodle that came in 2010. It celebrated the successful years of Pacman since 1980. 

The game remains famous worldwide even after 30 years of its creation. It appears as a simple game where a PacMan eats the dots but is loved by people. 

What Is PacMan? 

The game involves a yellow ball eating and dodging the ghosts. The game was created by a video game designer called Toru Iwatani. The game initially was designed to kill aliens. He was inspired by the arcades. He thought of making such a game that both females and males could play. This is how the Pacman game was made. The character’s shape was taken as an inspiration from pizza. The missing piece in the pizza became the mouth. Initially it was Pakkuman taken from the Japanese word Paku Paku Taberu. It is the sound the character makes when the mouth opens and closes. This simple game creates an excitement in the players mind who tries to win the game. 

How does PacMan work?

The game works like an arcade. It can be played by a joystick or arrows on the keyboard. In the game you have to move the Pacman character on the screen which is like a maze. The characters need to eat the dots. There are ghosts for example blinky and inky. The ghosts chase the pacman around the maze. All the ghosts have their own strategy of attacking. Some ghosts chase while the others scatter. They can frighten pacman too. These characters are unique and make the game a lot of fun to play.

Where can you play PacMan ?

You can find this game online through the browser. Go to Google search bar to type Pacman. The doodle of this game is also set up to celebrate the anniversary. The level that appears through google doodle wasn’t in the original game. It is a way for Google to show their hard work. To play the game on your mobile through google you can search it. Pacman doodle appears on the right side at the top. Tap on it to enjoy the first level of PacMan. In the desktop version the players can use the arrow keys that move the character.

Why did PacMan become so famous?

The game was a simple yet unique idea. It initiated the use of power-ups in video games. The players play it strategically which is motivating. The games create excitement among the gamers. The characters are of real importance. It shows the beauty of the arcade games that everyone loves.


Pacman is a very famous arcade game which is still popular after 30 years. Google celebrated its anniversary with a doodle. The doodle introduced a beginners level which isn’t available in the original game. The game is simple yet addicting. Try playing PacMan doodle level and enjoy a great time.