bottled and jarred packaged goods

A lot of goods are packaged in bottles, jars, containers, packets, cans, and tins. Bottling is done for drinks to store them for longer periods. The goods include a lot of different items like sauce, spice, pickles, meat and fruits. All these things need to be packed well so that they can be stored well. We have listed down pros and cons of packaging as well as types of packaging.

Advantages and disadvantages 



Proper bottling and jarring ensure good hygiene of the goods by reducing contamination.

Long shelf life: 

Airtight containers increase the shelf life of goods. 


Bottled and jarred packaged goods are convenient to store.


Most bottles and jars are transparent to see what is inside.

Various sizes: 

Bottles and jars are of various sizes to fit each product for storage depending on its need. 


Some bottling and jarring materials are good for the environment because of reusability.

Avoid loss during delivery: 

Effective packaging prevents perishing and contamination of products in transportation.

Increasing brand awareness: 

Packaging is important in branding. It builds recognition for businesses by the logo and design.



Packaging fragile and heavy items is very expensive due a lot of material used to pack.


Bottles and jars made of glass are fragile and when broken they might harm someone. They often break into pieces when transported over long distances.

Non environment  friendly: 

The packaging should not be with plastic. It is non biodegradable and an environmental pollutant. Glass bottles contribute to many environmental issues. 

Types of packaging 

Plastic containers:

Food industry uses a lot of plastic while packaging in jars and bottles. The packaging also comes in foils that are light and flexible. 

Aluminum containers: 

This cheap and easy form of packaging is good for the environment as it causes no pollution. Aluminium is a reactive metal to certain acidic liquids. 

Glass containers: 

Glass is microwave and refrigerator friendly. Glass is fragile and can break in pieces  by mishandled transportation.

Metal containers: 

Metal packaging is durable and a great environment friendly option. It will rust quickly with water. It is a heavy packing.

How good is bottling and jarring for online businesses?

Packaging is important for online businesses. A suitable packaging should be chosen for online selling. Online stores should not sell fragile and heavy weighted goods. The packaging of these heavy goods is hard and they are bound to break into pieces if they are fragile. It also causes the company low profits because a high amount is spent on the packaging only.

Powdered forms, liquid goods and other small sized items are great for selling online. Their packaging is cost effective and easy. 


The packaging, bottling and jarring industry became important for all the other industries. There are many advantages but unavoidable disadvantages about this too. We recommend you to see the details of the products before buying it. This will ensure safety to a certain degree while using.