Which are the best pizza ovens? Which one can give you the most delicious pizza? Many people ask themselves these questions. It is impossible to answer using only one sentence. That’s why we have prepared this article in the clearest and the most comprehensive way, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of both outdoor and pizza ovens. Read the text below and learn more about ovens with us!

What is an outdoor pizza oven?

An outdoor pizza oven can be described as a special kind of oven that is used to bake pizzas outside. What’s important, such ovens allow you to prepare meals in a short time and at high temperatures, even up to 900 degrees F (over 480 °C).

There are many types of outdoor ovens available on the market

There are several types of outdoor ovens that can be made of bricks, stones, or ceramics. Outdoor ovens can be mainly divided into wood-fired ovens, gas pizza ovens, coal pizza ovens and stainless steel pizza ovens. Quality should be a key when choosing the best outdoor pizza ovens.

You can choose the backyard oven tailored to your preferences

To build a pizza oven in your backyard, you need special materials retaining heat. What’s more, you can choose between freestanding or built-in ovens, depending on your needs and preferences. Outdoor ovens are usually powered by wood, however, they can also be powered by charcoal. It’s also possible to add a gas burner to your pizza oven.

What are the pros of outdoor pizza ovens?

Thanks to outdoor pizza ovens, it becomes possible for you to taste the most delicious restaurant quality pizza in your backyard. Outdoor ovens give you more opportunities to meet with friends at garden parties. Want to throw a pizza party? It’s a piece of cake with an outdoor pizza oven. You simply gain an ideal pretext to meet with your closest ones. Not only that, you can impress them with a perfectly cooked pizza!

Pizzas taste perfectly

The next significant advantage is that pizzas baked in outdoor ovens really taste perfectly. It’s because pizzas are evenly cooked. The crust of pizza is always more fluffy and the flavour is always more smokey compared with pizzas taken straight from indoor ovens.

Meals are healthier

Actually, meals taken straight from a pizza stone are healthier than the ones cooked in home ovens. It’s because the cooking process takes less time and as a result, dishes retain their nutritional value. If we cook pizzas and different kinds of food in a slowly heating up oven, unfortunately, they lose some of their valuable nutritional properties. However, that kind of situation doesn’t happen in the case of outdoor pizza ovens.

What are the cons of outdoor pizza ovens?

There is one thing you need to remember before building or buying your outdoor pizza oven – the location. You should never ever choose a place near trees! Try to use your imagination. Wood-fired ovens and trees are not the best combination. There’s a risk of fire, which, however, can be considerably reduced by building your oven in a safer place in your garden with no greenery in close distance to your furnace.

We would like to add that you are free to equip yourself with a portable pizza oven. It’s a good idea to use portable pizza ovens outside – such ovens really have lots of benefits. However, certain models shouldn’t be used on windy days because it may take a while before the furnace gets heated to the right temperature. It can be concluded that sometimes the biggest disadvantage of outdoor pizza ovens is that the weather can be fickle and unfavourable.

What is an indoor pizza oven?

Indoor pizza ovens are small electrical appliances which somewhat resemble toasters, microwaves, or waffle irons. With an electrical supply and two heaters – upper and lower – it becomes possible to preheat the oven up to 500 degrees F (260 °C), depending on the model.

What are the pros of indoor pizza ovens?

The first advantage of indoor pizza ovens is that they are safe to use and durable. What’s more, they have special safety features which prevent them from overheating and self-ignition. This is especially important when you use them very often.

Another benefit of indoor pizza ovens is that more and more models are smart. What exactly does a smart oven mean? Well, it means that you can control and monitor your oven from your phone through a special application, a remote control, or with your voice. What’s more, it becomes possible to receive alerts when a dish is done. Technology is moving forward!

What are the cons of indoor pizza ovens?

One of the most obvious disadvantages of indoor pizza ovens is that they need more time to cook pizzas and different meals than outdoor ovens. In the case of indoor ovens, temperatures can reach more or less 450-500 degrees F (230-260 °C).

Are there any advantages common to indoor and outdoor pizza ovens?

It’s worth mentioning that indoor and outdoor models have a few common advantages. It should be noted that thanks to both indoor and outdoor cooking, you can generally improve your cooking skills due to the fact that you experiment a lot. That’s why it can be argued that both home ovens and garden furnaces combine business with pleasure – you have something delicious to eat and, at the same time, you become a much better cook.

No matter what kind of oven you use, you can prepare not only pizzas (such as Pepperoni, Margheritas, Carbonaras) but also different meals such as chicken, steak, turkey, pulled pork, sardines, garlic bread, roasted vegetables, corn, jacket potatoes, and even something sweet. You have to admit that such meals are usually much better than ordered food.


Now, with all the knowledge you gain, you are aware of the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor pizza ovens. It is definitely worth buying or building an outdoor pizza oven for a number of reasons. An indoor pizza oven is also something to think about if you don’t mind a longer heating time. Choose what’s the best for you!