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Online banking has made our lives so much easier. All the things that would require you to make weekly visits to the local bank are now possible through your mobile phone. And these features will be explored in this article.

One thing though, you need a steady internet connection to be able to access the online banking app. Much the same way you need an internet connection to use the other apps on your mobile phone.

Need a recommendation? Go for Comcast internet for reliable connectivity. If you are out of the home network coverage, you can easily switch to their mobile network to stay connected to your banking app.

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Moving on, the following are some of the features you can enjoy on the internet banking app:

Check Your Balance. You no longer have to personally go to the bank and ask the teller for the account balance. You can simply go to your mobile bank account and check the balance from there. Next time you make a purchase, you will be aware of how much money you’re left with in your account and whether you can afford to make the purchase.

Amount Transfer. This feature will save you the trip to the bank. Instead of filling out a slip in-person for sending an amount to another bank account, you can just do it with the tap of a button.

Mobile bank apps allow you to send any amount instantly. It can be for an account-to-account transfer i.e. from the same bank or from one bank to another (bank-to-bank transfer).

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Mobile Phone Deposit. Most of us have been there; sitting on a check because we didn’t find the time to go to the bank before its closing time. But that is where online banking saves time and effort for you. When you are so trumped at work and there is no way you can leave in between to make a quick visit to the bank, you can easily make that happen on your mobile phone.

A feature in the mobile banking app allows you to take a photo of the check through the mobile camera and have the balance deposited into your account.

Paying Bills. You can even pay all your bills through online banking. No more waiting and standing through long lines at the bank. Just enter the required information and have all your bills paid within minutes. You can also set a reminder for upcoming bill dates to be paid at.

This is an eco-friendly solution to not receiving bills or statements at home, instead, you can view and download them from the app.

Loans and Investment. You read that right! Applying for loans and participating in investments are also possible through online banking apps. Loans can be personal, home, or auto loans through the banking app and the necessary information you may need for the application will also be available.

Moreover, the same goes for making investments; you can make investments in bonds, shares, or mutual funds through online banking.

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Up-to-date Account Activities. Since it is all about the security of your accounts, you receive real-time notifications about any activity going on in your bank account. These activities include;

  • Transactions; money coming in (through direct or check deposits) and money going out (through ATM withdrawal or debit/credit card payment)
  • Information about the transactions such as their date, description, the amount received or sent, etc. for you to keep track of
  • Transactions that are pending or on hold; meaning they aren’t completed yet
  • Current balance; for you to learn exactly how much you have in your account at the moment

Other activities include reordering checks, stopping payments, ordering a debit card, etc. All these features of the online banking app allow you to independent in your decisions regarding bank activities.

What’s more, online banking activities are not limited to just the working hours of the bank, rather you can perform your banking activities any time of the day.

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Bottom Line

Everything that required you to be at the bank for your account activities can mostly be carried out through online banking procedures now. Reach out to your bank and request information on how to access the online banking app and have it downloaded to your mobile phone.

Also, make sure you have a working internet connection so that you can carry out the activities of online banking as smoothly as possible.