Bug tracking system

A bug tracking system can report, record, nominate and trace the bugs in the software project. There are numerous tracking systems available. You can take it another way “Better the bug tracking tool, better the quality of the product”.


Backlog is a famous bug tracking system in one platform. It is conventional to keep track complete history of bugs and also can easily report issues.  Team use Backlog to work with different teams for collaboration and best quality project delivery. Full history of issue updates and changes, easy bug tracking tool, Git and SVN manufactured, project and issues with subtasks, Wikis and Watchlists, native mobile apps and search, advanced search features, Gantt Charts and Burndown charts, and Kanban-style boards for visual workflow.


This is a turn-key software system lifecycle Management Solution with a complete bug tracking feature. It will let you manage the complete testing procedure from the requirement to tests the issues of bug, with end-to-end manufactured traceability along with the following features

  1. A fully personalizable incident with complete statuses, issues, priorities, and severities.
  2. During the test script execution, it automatically creates new incidents of creation.
  3. Searching, sorting, Robust reporting, and audio changes in a log tracking
  4. Report issues and bugs through email.
  5. Automatically create new incidents during the process of execution
  6. Customized workflow status can be changed by email notification.
  7. Can connect the bugs with artifacts and incidents.


It can manage the feedback of the website as well as track the bugs. BugHurd can detect technical information and help to solve it. This application completes the task with a Kanban-style board.

  1. It captures the screen resolution like searching and technical issues information.
  2. The track manages all issues in one location with the task Board of Kanban style.
  3. Feedback and bug capture through click and simple point
  4. Detect a screenshot with bug reported
  5. Stakeholders like it.


This bug tracking tool can make the able user analyze the performance and manage the team. It gives a flexible dashboard for better visualization.

  1. Get participation of other people
  2. Daily work can be automated
  3. Can execute the work remotely
  4. Work progress can track
  5. Integration Google calendar, Gmail, Mailchimp, and more.

Zoho Bug Tracker

It is a fantastic bug tracking system that gives you the solution to every filtered issue. It boosts the production by exactly knowing about bugs. It is online software that helps you to make projects, bugs, milestones, reports, and documents. Automate reminding tracker notify the team members.

  1. Flexible workflow with the issue tracker
  2. Bug views
  3. Categorization of problems


Bugzilla is open-source software and gives great features like

  1. Duplicate bugs automatically detect
  2. Reports and charts
  3. Schedule reports
  4. Patch viewers

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