When it comes to upgrading your bathroom cabinets, there are a host of modern designs on offer that can bring a whole new level of functionality and aesthetics to your space. As there are simply so many on offer, you may be struggling to define the right models for your needs, so let’s discuss what to look for in modern bathroom cabinets.

A balance in function and style

When considering new bathroom cabinetry, you may be torn between choosing function over style, but the reality is that it can be important to find a balance. In many cases, it will actually be simple to define the look you want for your bathroom in terms of colour and finish, but it can be far more difficult to decide on the features you really want.

Modern bathroom cabinets have come a long way in recent years and advancements in tech have also crept into the niche, so it can be worthwhile to take a look at your options and define exactly what you want from your washroom.

A closer look at bathroom cabinet features


When it comes to bathrooms, there are small design elements that make a huge difference, but what works for your space will differ from what is necessary for others. If you use your bathroom predominately for aspects like skincare and getting ready, your focus should be on the accessories that will make your life simpler.

This could mean selecting the right lighting options, anti-fog mirrors, or additional storage space for your products. If you get ready early in the morning or tend to use the space late at night, you may want to think about soft closing doors to minimise noise.

One of the biggest considerations will be the size and dimensions of your chosen cabinets, as many modern households have small spaces that need to be maximised. Storage is often an issue and many bathrooms now double up as laundry rooms, so you may want to select cabinetry that will fit around your washing machine or tumble dryer.

Bathroom cabinets tend to be slim and tall to get the most storage possible and luckily, colours, styles and finishes are typically themed across collections so that you can get an array of cabinets to meet your desired aesthetic.

You can now choose from recessed cabinetry, double door top and bottom cabinets and even combi over sink cabinets that offer additional storage and a mirror on the door to minimise extra clutter.

Always plan the layout before buying

It simply won’t make sense to buy your bathroom cabinets without planning the layout first, as the size of your space will dictate what will and won’t fit well.

If you choose dark cabinets and fill the space up, you risk making it look small and you may come to find that you have little room to actually use your bathroom. On the same note, if you don’t buy enough cabinets, you may find storage lacking in the long run and have to find space for things elsewhere in your home.

A well-appointed bathroom should be neat and tidy while looking stylish, without missing out on the elements you really want.