Luxx is the place to go when it comes to exotic automobile rentals in Miami. There is no better selection for your yacht, exotic automobile, or huge house rental than ours. “Luxx began with a concept that had been tried a few times previously but had never been fully realized.” Corvettes, Vipers, and Mercedes were the typical exotic automobiles available for hire just a few years ago, according to Jake, one of the founders of Luxx Miami. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches, on the other hand, are increasingly ubiquitous in the selection.

Luxx Miami’s Exotic Cars include a Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls Royce Cullinan, Porsche 911, BMW M3 and Corvette C8. They just added ten Lamborghini Urus to their collection.

The exotics available at Luxx Miami include a Ferrari 488, Rolls Royce Dawn, Lamborghini Huracan, Bentley Bentayga, Corvette C8, Dodge Charger Scatpack, McLaren 720s, and many more. As a result, they are now part of Miami’s biggest collection of exotic automobiles, yachts, and mega villas.

Customers at Exotic Car Rental Luxx Miami may pick from four distinct vehicle fleets: exotic sports cars, fun convertibles, and sporty roadsters, luxury two- and four-passenger convertibles, and luxury SUVs.

Exotic sports cars for rent include the McLaren 720s and Ferrari F8, as well as the Ferrari 488 Pista and Maserati Quattroporte. Among the premium two- and four-passenger Sedans in the fleet are the Mercedes AMG CL55 Sports Coupe, the BMW M3 convertible, and the Mercedes S550.

The Beginning

When it comes to beginning an exotic car rental business, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Despite the fact that each company began with a demand in the local market, each method is distinct.

“We looked throughout the Southeast for a place to rent a supercar but couldn’t find anything worth contacting about,” Jake adds. Luxx’s one of the owners. “Sure, you can rent a ‘exotic’ car from a number of places, such as a Viper, a Mercedes, or even a Bugatti.” However, the market fell short of the variety and production quality we expected from businesses charging thousands of dollars each day for their services.”

In response to demands for drivers, the company owns a security detail and recently started a limousine service.

How to Calculate the Cost of a Unique Rental

Above all, “people think we simply make stuff up,” Jake adds. “However, it is contingent on the car’s initial price and how quickly it depreciates.”

A decent rule of thumb, according to Jake, is that the daily rental is 1% of the car’s value. As a starting point, the price is changed based on demand, prestige, and public perception.

For the $340,000 Lamborghini Urus, Jake charges $1,395 each day. Despite the fact that the Porsche 911 twin-turbo is worth $100,000, he only charges $595 a day, or.5% of the value. “People aren’t willing to pay $1,400 for a Porsche every day,” he argues. “The Porsche brand does not have the gravity of Ferrari or Lamborghini.”

Jake also based his pricing on what other rental businesses around the country charge, although he admits that it’s a “chicken and egg” issue. To put it another way, he notes that newer companies are renting automobiles in $100 increments, something he pioneered.

Furthermore, customers may be surprised as to why they are paying $200 a day for a simple luxury vehicle such as a Lexus RC. According to Jake, the client pays a premium for the ability to reserve a certain car on a specific day. It is inconvenient for the rental company to utilize. “I’ll have to reject down a two-week rental if someone reserves a Lexus RC for a one-day rental in two weeks,” he adds.

No such thing as free miles exists.

The industry norm, according to Jake, is 75 to 100 free miles each day. Excess mileage charges range from $3 for low-usage automobiles to $7 for ultra-exotic autos. Jake, on the other hand, gives 100 miles a day for free on Corvette and BMW vehicles and charges for further miles. Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini are examples of high-end automobiles.

Unlimited mileage is a Pandora’s Box that should never be opened. “Every time I’ve offered them an unlimited mileage agreement or a cheaper rate, they’ve taken advantage of me,” Jake alleges.

Keeping Your Assets Safe

Exotic car rental firms go to great lengths to ensure that their customers are trustworthy.

Luxx Miami does a driving record check. A $2,000 security deposit is also required by the business.

People may come in because of the wide range of clean and well-maintained exotic cars available for hire, but it’s the customer service that keeps them coming back for future rentals.

“This is a premium service business from top to bottom,” Jake explains. “We treat our customers like gold, and they can reach us at any time, seven days a week.” Furthermore, most of our clients have my or one of my managers’ cell phone numbers. Organizations in the service business that only serve clients on specified days and hours irritate me.”

Jake runs his business as though he were competing with a next-door neighbor. “I grew up in this sector with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, so I understand the significance of customer service and cleanliness,” he continues. “With our first-class automobiles, we want to provide first-class service,” Jake says. “which involves exceeding expectations”

Finally, when the rental time has over, excellent customer service remains. “If the customer returns the vehicle to us, we’ll ask for feedback; if the consumer returns the vehicle to a hotel or airport, we’ll phone the customer for input,” Jake adds.

The following services are frequently provided by exotic car rental companies:

-A door-to-door service is provided (home, office, hotel or local airport)

-Roadside Assistance is available around the clock, seven days a week (towing, lockouts, jump-starts and fuel delivery)

-Automated toll payment transponders are available for free.

-Free GPS navigation devices are available in automobiles.

-Maps and directions to the tour

-Hotel, restaurant, and nightclub reservations assistance

-A limousine transfer service

It’s Vital to Be Passionate

Finally, in conclusion “This is a happy business,” Jake explains. “I like working for a firm that makes people happy because I get to see their faces light up.” I’m a vehicle fanatic, and this gives me the opportunity to try out some of the things I’ve always desired.”

Jake, like many other teenagers, was obsessed with cars especially exotic cars.

“I had to get a sports vehicle as soon as I could save enough for one.” I’ve developed a strong affection and appreciation for all things automotive throughout the years, particularly those involving a prancing horse.”

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