Josh Seiter is an unscripted American television star. He rose to fame in 2014 after appearing on the Escape Club on the E! Network. Later, in 2015, he appeared on the television series The Bachelorette on ABC.

He has gone on to become a household name and popular Internet personality, boasting close to half a million Instagram followers.  He has been embroiled in a series of controversies and scandals, which seem to have only increased his online presence.

In 2021, Josh gained national attention after dating and breaking up with a number of popular reality stars from various television franchises.

In 2023 he announced he was bisexual, which was met by a wave of online support.

Shortly thereafter, he was accused of faking his sexuality for likes and attention, which only further boosted his online profile.

Josh Seiter 

Josh Seiter is currently one of the top OnlyFans creators in the world, bringing in a reported annual income between $500,000-$750,000 a year.

After sharing stories of his own battle with depression and anxiety as relates to his sexuality, his name is often associated with mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ issues.

Josh often shares the struggles he is battling to his online audience, along with tips to his followers on how they can combat these various issues.


Josh Seiter

American Television Star

Age 35

Pets: 3

Eye color: Brown/green

Hair color: Brown

Born August 18, 1987

Education: Law Degree (Juris Doctor) from Chicago-Kent College of Law

German, Russian, Jewish

44 Tattoos


190 lbs

Chicago, IL-USA

Marital status: Single

Josh Seiter’s net worth, according to financial documents, is 1.5 million ($1,500,000). He makes most of his income through OnlyFans content and various guest appearances. According to news reports, he also has significant investments in the American stock market.

Seiter graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2013 where he earned his Juris Doctor. He has not taken The Bar and does not currently practice law.

Josh has two older brothers, Stephen and Israel. His mother resides in Urbana, IL, where she spent her life working as a homemaker and volunteer in various capacities. She is currently retired.

Sadly, Josh’s father passed away in 2021 after undergoing a health complication. His father worked as a printer before passing. Heresides in Chicago, IL.

Seiter is currently single. He has dated a long list of women on television, including Shar Jackson, Karine Staehle, Lizzie Kommes, Rose Vega, Yolanda Leak, and Tai Simpson. He also briefly claimed to have dated a man, but those claims are dubious.

Josh Seiter 1

Job(s): Male exotic dancer, television star, investor, mental health advocate.

Distinctive Features: Smile, Chest, Tattoos

Shoe Size: 12

Religion: Atheist

Best Known For: Television/Internet Personality

Workout Regimen: Josh currently works out one body part a day. Monday chest, Tuesday legs, Wednesday back, Thursday triceps and biceps, friday shoulders.

He eats mostly chicken and rice for most meals along with 30g protein shakes. Eggs and yogurt in the morning and very little snacking at night. He also consumes lots of ground turkey and whole grains. Very little starches

Josh Seiter Favorite Things

Food -Pizza

TV Shows -Back to The Future

Color -Red

Books –Gillian Flynn novels

Favorite designer is Versace. Favorite actress is Halle Berry. Favorite Actor is Tom Cruise. Favorite musical group is Justin Bieber. Favorite Sports Team: Yankees. Favorite city: St. George, Utah. Favorite State: Texas