Joinpd is online software that is very similar to canvas. Their platform provides facilities for creating presentations for teachers and students both. Their platform encourages the teachers to improve their way of teaching. This is mostly done by making them adapt to a more innovative method. Joinpd stands for Join Pear Deck. Pear deck is an online platform where users can create content for educational purposes.

There are various templates available on the Pear deck. Most of these templates are free to use. Even if the teacher wants to start from scratch, they can easily do so by creating a slide. There is a separate library for the templates which are free to preview. Users can also import presentations for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Is Joinpd competitive enough to beat Microsoft PowerPoint?

In some areas, Pear deck might be able to corner off PowerPoint. However, the Pear deck will never be able to win the race. This is because both of these are different. Although, no doubt Pear Deck is free to use Microsoft PowerPoint is offline. Being offline, users can easily use their software on the go.

Users won’t have to go looking for an internet access point. Joinpd can just easily open up their device and get on to making presentations. However, in these situations, Pear Deck is of no help. They will never be able to reach this point due to being online. Their online website requires a strong internet connection to even preview templates. This is mainly due to not being optimized.

Guide to use this website

Joinpd the slang stands for Join Pear Deck. There are a lot of training sessions available to have Pear Deck at your fingertips. Users can watch pre-recorded sessions to get a hold of their website’s interface. These pieces of training are however free for teachers and admin teams. Students need to pay to access these recordings. This mainly because in very rare cases students are required to make their presentations.

Most students prefer to have a hand on experience with their teachers. Besides training sessions, there are many helping videos available on the net. These helping videos tend to teach the user every tip and trick while using the website. It is to this extent that there are videos on how to create an account on the website. Users can also ask questions by making comments on the videos. These videos are also available on platforms like Udemy. These platforms allow users to take notes so they can go through them.

Is it cross-compatible?

Although Joinpd is in direct competition with Microsoft PowerPoint but is it cross-compatible? According to their guides, they do support PowerPoint slides. These slides converted to Pear Deck’s format. The users can easily start editing these slides on their interface. That too without any hassle. Their platform also supports Google slides and many other presentation platforms. There is no lack of communication between Pear Deck and these other Presentation formats.

The owners state that they made it cross-compatible to cause no hassle to teachers. This is because normally teachers are old and not used to the latest technology. Although, technology has advanced so much that users can easily convert any file to any format. However, they provided automatic conversion on Pear Deck’s website. This done so Users don’t have to go through the hassle of manually converting the files.

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