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It’s good to optimize your blog post. However, there is something that we shouldn’t do. And I would like to talk about them today. And it could hurt your progress if you don’t avoid it. This is why it’s important to avoid it. Let’s know what are these important things to avoid when optimizing your blog post for SEO. Hope you find these helpful.

I’m sharing these from experience because I dealt with it. And I learned from my mistakes. So, I want to share it with you. Because I don’t want you guys to struggle with the same thing as I did before. Also, I will talk about why they are important to avoid them.

Important things to avoid when optimizing your blog post for SEO

When I started editing my blog posts. I started learning a lot of things that I didn’t know about it. And you might already know it. But if you don’t know these things. Before you edit more, you should know what to avoid when editing.

Optimizing your blog posts is important. And it can be editing posts, adding more content, and fixing mistakes to make them rank better. Update old content on the blog. These things are what every blogger does for their blog. However, there is a limit to this, and something it could hurt the blog and your progress if you are not careful.

Well, it depends on what you do. Because if you are just fixing mistakes. Things on this list will be less important. So, you need to determine what you do and if this will help you in some way. You will need to consider these as you edit as well.

If you don’t avoid these. You will need to edit the blog post or optimize it again. Because things might hurt your ranking on google search. Maybe Google won’t like the edit. And it will not make your blog rank better. Therefore, it’s important to focus on these important things to avoid when optimizing your blog post for SEO.

Editing for SEO is good. And it will give you more traffic and click. We all should focus on improving our SEO optimization for our blogs. Don’t miss out on a lot of people and click on this because it can increase your stats a lot. Just remember to be careful and learn more and more.

1. Adding the keywords too many

One of the most important things to avoid when optimizing your blog post for SEO. You don’t need to add keywords a lot to the post. That is going to hurt your ranking on Google search results. Limit it to a number and stick to it. And I will talk about how many is too many for your blog post. Based on my experience.

It’s good to add a lot of keywords, but not the same one too many times. This is when it hurt the post and progress. Because Google doesn’t want you to do it. Therefore, we need to avoid it if we don’t want to lose traffic from SEO.

You can add up to 13 times on each post. And you can include other keywords if you want. But make sure they are relevant. Don’t just keep adding when it won’t help you to get more traffic from SEO. Take some time to do your research.

2. Including untrustworthy links on your post

Another one that we need to avoid. The Important things to avoid when optimizing your blog post for SEO. Because it will harm more than good. We might not know this if we don’t spend time to know more about it. Make sure it’s a good link before you add it to your blog.

Inspect every link and make sure you keep inspecting from time to time. Things might change and it could hurt your blog. Sometimes links can be good when you add them. But over time, things change and it becomes a bad link.

There are a few options that you can use to inspect a link. And you can choose whatever you like. Some ways share more information than others. So, I can’t mention a way to do this. Because it’s up to you to determine that.

3. More unnecessary/unrelated content

Well, this won’t hurt as much as the rest of the Important things to avoid when optimizing your blog post for SEO. But it’s not good to add content that is related to the main topic. Make sure what you add and edit will help more. Things that are not related to the topic might drive the reader away from your blog instead of enjoying the post.

Be careful of what you add when you edit the content. Sometimes things you talk about Google might not like. This is easy to determine and avoid. If you don’t pay attention to your posts and what you add to them. Then, it’s time for you to start doing that.

Even though you already posted the content. Whatever you add to it can still affect the current ranking of the post. So, it’s important to be careful when doing this. Don’t add things that are not important or could hurt your post.

4. Too many links to your blog

Just like adding too many of the same keywords. It’s not good to add too many links to a post. This is not good for SEO and also any reader would read your content. They will get bored and stop reading. Therefore, you must limit the number of links you add to your post.

I would say 5 to 6 links per post would be enough. However, sometimes I add less than that. And if you have a reason to add more. That’s not a problem. As long as you are not adding them just because you want or feel like it.

This is something I did before and learned the hard way that is not good to add too many links. And I hope you can learn from this and avoid the sesame mistake.

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