Ink Cartridges

Can we consider it brand new?

In case you have put your printer in an idle situation for the last couple of months or in some cases even years having the printer in front of your face and you cannot use it! It will create frustration. You will be astonished to know that the most common problems are generally related to the clogging of ink cartridges. What you must do is unclog the cartridges and your problem will be rectified. has a huge volume of clients and is because the clients want excellent printing services.

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Hot water technique and Requirements

Sinking for cleaning

Applying Hot water supply

Utilizing old newspapers or even paper towels

Installation of essential printer drivers.

To avoid the spread of ink everywhere it’s better to utilize towels in the sink. The printer must be plugged in. open the housing of the printer to remove the black one. Put the cartridge in a diagonal position on the newspapers or paper towels that were placed in the bathroom sink. Turn on the tap to observe until the hot water comes running out from it. For better cleaning try to fill a quarter of the sink with hot water and the cartridge to be in the sink. Try to dip the cartridge up to the surface of the water and should stay there for 5-20 minutes. Though it is dependent on the condition of the clogging.

No need to worry if the ink starts to come out into the water. If it comes out rapidly, that means that the clogging was not that hard enough. The next step is to dry the cartridge to minimize its moisture, further leading to reinstallation in the printer. The next step is to get a test print to see whether you have cleaned the clogged present in the cartridge or not. In case of successful cleaning, the printer will start printing the documents properly. However, in case of failure, the results will not be up to the desired level. If you followed the above procedure very well then, your printer would work fine. Another option is to approach local manufacturers in your area if you do not feel satisfied to do it yourself.

This method requires below tools for error free cleaning

Vacuum cleaner

Using Blue or white tack or plasticine

Using Toilet Roll

Procedure for unclogging ink from cartridges

Primarily, you need to remove the ink cartridges from the printer.

Afterward, connect the hose of the vacuum cleaner that will stand parallel to the nozzle of your print cartridge.

Make yourself certain that there is no gap between the vacuum and the nozzle by using a blue or white tack or plasticine.

Then, place the cartridge nozzle in a vertically downward position and you are required to power on the vacuum cleaner, a few seconds at a time.

Keep doing this process until the nozzle is completely cleared or cleaned from clogged ink.

If you have successfully cleared the congestion, then the next step is to wipe out the remaining ink by using a toilet roll.

Once you have cleaned the cartridge properly then put it back inside the printer housing.

Take a test print to see whether your printer has successfully started doing printing tasks or not. In case of observing desired results start using the printing operations on a routine basis.

Essential Note:

This technique can only be used in DOD printers available in our homes for general purposes, one should not implement the above methods in all kinds of printers to avoid further damage to the printer or cartridge.

How will you demonstrate a parking station?

This is the area where the printhead sits whenever the printer is out of work, idle, or is not printing. It resides generally on the right-hand side of the printer. Here you will find a rubber cap that will be small in size and it usually sits under the printhead just to keep it safe and avoid it from drying out. Whereas, if we talk about the majority, most printers also entail a cleaning function and in this area, you will find a lot of wasted ink. That’s why this place is considered as the perfect place for gathering dust and sludge. Now the part arises where you need to clean this area. You can acquire a cotton bud in this area, switch off the printer, clean the area properly and then switch the printer on. When you come across the point where the printhead starts moving away from the parking station, then switch off the printer at the wall. Afterward, you will then be capable of making access to the parking station area for cleaning purposes.

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