Clean Windows

Glasshouse may have been a dream come true for some but it is very difficult to maintain its cleanliness.

The use of glass in modern architecture has increased and the trend of glass windows as well as glass doors has increased in homes and so does the cleaning of them.


provides a whole range of window cleaning products.

We not only provide window cleaning products but also have the workforce to clean your window and glasses at your doorstep.

If you clean the whole house and leave doors and windows, your cleaning will not be called complete.

To make your cleaning complete, it is necessary that the doors and windows of the house should also be clean.

It is not easy to clean glass doors, and polishing glass doors and windows is even more difficult with care.

Here are some tips to help you clean all the glass windows in your home.

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The first thing to do is to remove the dust from your windows and glass doors, otherwise, it will not be affected by any kind of mixture or water.

Unless the dust layer is removed from it, the cleaning will not work. Use a soft cloth for this purpose.

Frame And Sills Cleaning

After removing the glass dust, the next step is to remove the dust from the window sills and door frames. Click here if you are looking for the best silk pillowcases for smoother hair and fewer wrinkles.

Protect The Window Sills

It is very important to protect the sills before any kind of cleaning and apply an old newspaper or an absorbent cloth on the sills so that water or any watery mixture will be absorbed in the cloth or newspaper before it falls on the sills.

Make A Cleaning Mixture

The cleaning mixture can also be made at home using detergent powder or soap or you can order the best window cleaning solution from our website.

The best tip for making at home is white vinegar and water.

Fill a spray bottle with water and vinegar solution and spray it on glass windows and doors and then wipe it with a soft cloth to make your glass windows and doors shine.

Immediately after cleaning with a cloth, clean the glass with a small wiper-like tool so that there is no risk of marks on the glass.

Use Lemon To Clean Windows

Adding a few drops of lemon juice to the water and cleaning the glass with it not only clears the glass but also makes the glass shine and the view on the other side also becomes noticeable.

Baking Soda Mixture

Dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in water to remove stains and scratches on the glass.

Use Shampoo To Clean Windows

Apply a few drops of shampoo on the glass, spread it with a wet cloth and then wipe it off with a dry muslin cloth, you will be amazed at how shiny your glass is.

DIY Glass Cleaner For Removing Dull Wax Layer

·         125 ml of alcohol

·         125 ml of boiled water

·         1 teaspoon of liquid soap

·         5 drops of essential oil

·         Spray bottle

Dissolve a teaspoon of liquid soap in the boiled water and then add alcohol and the oil. Put the whole thing in the spray bottle and shake it well. Your DIY glass cleaner is ready to use.

Final Tips

Polish your windows or mirrors with old newspapers, this gives a very good scratch-free result and leaves a dirt-resistant layer on your glass.

Do not wash windows in the sun. The scratches are caused by the sun drying the windows too quickly.

Rub the outside of the glass in a horizontal direction and the inside in a vertical direction. This way you can see where you still need to brush.

Use a clean blackboard cleaner (the old-fashioned one that rubs the chalk off the blackboard) to polish your windows after cleaning.

Try these homemade solutions to clean your window after this your windows and glass will shine and you can also make hair while looking at it.

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