If you own a blog, I’m sure you will need to learn about DA. And today I would like to talk about it. Sharing how to avoid losing DA rank when using backlinks. You can lose rank from a lot of things and today’s topic is one of them.

Well, I’m going to mention the important reasons. Things that you want to check before you submit the link. This way, you ensure that your DA won’t go down. Also, talk a bit about the DA just in case you don’t know about it.

How to avoid losing DA rank when using backlinks

We all know that backlinks are one of the ways to increase traffic. But also, it’s a great way to increase DA rank. and I will talk about it in a bit. Explain more about what is DA because some of us don’t know what is it.

Remember, backlinks and guest posts can be the same. You might lose the DA rank either way if you are not careful. So, for both of them, you will need to pay attention to these. But, backlinks are easier to insert on a lot of blogs.

So, if you don’t know what DA means… it’s a Domain Authority. And it’s a search engine ranking score was developed by Moz. This can be used to predict how likely your blog will appear on search engines. The higher the better score.

This doesn’t depend on only the DA, but also the content. How do you optimize the content and blog? If you optimize it well. It can show up on the first page of the search results without having a high DA rank. But it can help as well.

However, when you want to use backlinks. Make sure to check what I’m going to mention for you. Because it will help you to get a higher rank or stay the same. But, if you do the opposite, the rank might go down and you will need to work on it again to get it higher.

It’s good to learn about how to avoid losing DA rank when using backlinks. This way, you won’t go through the struggle.

1. Avoid links with a high spam score

One of the important things that you need to check first is the spam score. You will find a lot of people asking for it. Because it’s important and if you have a high spam score. Then, I would recommend that you pay more attention to it.

When you want to backlink on other blogs. Make sure to check what is their spam score. Because if they have high spam scores. It’s good to find other options. A link that has a low score or nothing at all. This will be a good option for you.

It’s going to help you get a higher score when your other blogs have a low spam score and good DA ranks. So, take some time to check before you insert the link. This way, you ensure that your rank is good and won’t go down.

This is one of the reasons may lose the DA score. Therefore, make sure to learn more about how to avoid losing DA rank when using backlinks.

2. Links with messy content

Putting a link on a blog that has messy content. Search engines don’t encourage blogs with messy content. And when you put your link on that blog. Your DA score will be affected as well. Therefore, make sure that you avoid those types of blogs.

Every blogger will ensure that their blogs are well organized. However, if you find one that is not organized. You will need to change and look for other options. Keep your links on good blogs to avoid losing DA rank. And also might lose search engine rank.

Well, you don’t need to spend a lot of time checking the blog. But, check a few posts and see if they take care of the content well. Then, it’s safe to put your link on the blog. Also, when the blogger is serious about their blog. They will be more careful and that means a green light to put your link.

3. So low DA rank

One of the best ways to keep your DA high is by avoiding too low DA rank. As your DA keeps increasing, make sure that the DA is close to your or high. This way, it will be safe and you won’t lose the DA rank. Also, it will help you to increase more.

If your rank is low, it’s ok to put your link on the low ranks blogs. However, the higher the better scores. But, also the first one and second one are important as well. Because both come together and we need to pay attention to all of them as well. This is important for how to avoid losing DA rank when using backlinks.

Sometimes low scores have better and good quality content. And I think that would be fine if you focus on high scores as well. You want t include high ranks as well if you want to increase it. Don’t focus too much on low ranks with good quality content.

4. Don’t have much content

New blogs are not your option to put the links on them. Also, if they don’t write a lot of content as well. It does not index short posts on google. At least, they don’t make it to the first pages of the search results. We need to avoid blogs that don’t write a lot of content.

You don’t want to put your links on blogs that share only pictures. Because you won’t get anything from that. And their blog might score decrease and that will affect your score as well. So, you need to avoid it. Don’t struggle with that and you don’t have anything to do with them.

When their content index is good on Google, it will help your score to increase. And maybe get tons of traffic as well. So, make sure that they have good content. 

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