Lab Grown Diamonds

If you’re shopping for a diamond, chances are you’ve come across terms like natural and lab grown in your search, especially since the latter term has been on the rise in popularity as of late. But what does it all mean? And how can you tell if a diamond is natural or lab grown? What benefits and drawbacks do these two types of diamonds have to offer? Here’s the full story on how lab grown diamonds compare to real diamonds, and why they might just be better than their natural counterparts.

What Do We Mean By Better?

Ask yourself, better in what way? If you wanted to spark a conversation about how your product is different from another similar product that’s available on the market (another man-made diamond manufacturer) then you would use that term in your title to prompt an answer. Make sure you do your research though; when choosing a keyword for optimization purposes, make sure that it has at least some demand or relevancy.

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(I wouldn’t recommend using CVD Diamond Manufacturer as a target keyword unless you’re going after that specific audience.)

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Cheaper.

Cheaper prices might not be important to you if you’re just in it for sparkle. But if cost is a factor (and it usually is), you’ll want to know that CVD diamond manufacturers can get a superior diamond for less money because they don’t need to find and mine raw materials. Instead, they simply grow them from carbon under very specific conditions. The result: a bigger stone with more clarity at a lower price point. It isn’t about getting a cheap diamond; it’s about getting more quality for your dollar. No wonder people have taken notice! Today many websites are offering unique engagement rings made with lab-grown diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are Inherently Conflict Free.

Laboratory-grown or synthetic diamonds can be grown ethically. Many real diamonds are mined in war zones or sold by unethical dealers. Lab Grown Diamonds manufacturers such as Corus Diamonds are a good source of conflict free diamonds. Corus diamond is made by the CVD process which uses compressed methane gas to produce a man-made diamond powder. The process then heats these particles to extreme temperatures under high pressure to form a diamond crystal. This synthetic manufacturing method is much more cost effective than mining rough or uncut stone which makes it possible for CVD Diamonds manufactured by Corus Diamonds to offer quality conflict free gemstones at very affordable prices with many color options for their customers including white, yellow, blue and pink.

Lab Grown Diamonds Have No Environmental Impact.

Lab Grown Diamonds have no adverse environmental impact because they do not require any natural resources to grow. Lab Grown Diamonds are made in a factory under controlled conditions, meaning they have absolutely no impact on local environments. The process of growing Lab Grown Diamonds uses a closed-loop water system which means that none of our manufacturing processes will affect local waterways or drinking supplies. Lab Grown Diamonds don’t need extensive growing conditions because there is no soil or insects to worry about. Growing Lab Grown Diamonds takes place in a sterile environment where we can control all aspects of growth.

Some people still believe that it is difficult to tell whether a diamond is real or synthetic (lab grown). This couldn’t be further from the truth. We offer many different types of lab created diamonds for sale so you can choose one that fits your budget and preferences perfectly. Our CVD (chemical vapor deposition) diamonds are some of our most popular products, as well as being some of our most affordable options for consumers looking for an alternative diamond jewelry option without breaking their budgets.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are Better For Your Health.

First of all, it’s not so much that lab-grown diamonds are better than real ones. CVD diamonds manufacturer have managed to achieve a comparable quality with theirs. That said, many consumers say they prefer lab-grown for reasons beyond diamond quality. The biggest reason has to do with health: Real mined diamonds often carry high levels of harmful pollutants like radon gas. Radon is a radioactive element present in all types of rock as part of its chemical composition. As well as being harmful to humans if swallowed or inhaled, it also diminishes a diamond’s brilliance over time – so there goes your investment value!

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