Green Engagement Rings

Some brides cannot imagine wearing an engagement ring without a classic white diamond. Others, however, will not feel true to themselves if the status quo is maintained. There are many ways to make your engagement rings stand out. Jillian Sassone is the founder of Marrow Fine Jewelry. She says that choosing a colored stone will allow you to show off your personality. There are many options, but green rings are beautiful for both everyday brides and celebrities. Sassone says, “It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking to have a truly original, one-of a kind piece that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Sassone says that green engagement rings are becoming more popular over the years. However, there has been an increase in interest in them since Ben Affleck’s and Jennifer Lopez’s re-engagement. After 17 years of separation, the couple, who had their first engagement in January 2004, got back together in February 2024. JLo was presented with an 8.5-carat natural diamond engagement ring by Affleck in April 2024 to seal the deal.

Sassone says that fancy-colored Really Wedding diamonds account for less than.1%. The size and saturation of JLo’s rock makes it harder to find them. The good news is that a green engagement band doesn’t require a large budget. There are many options available, from simple to extravagant, with green diamonds, emeralds and sapphires, as well as moissanite and opals.

We gathered 25 stunning green engagement rings from top sellers and received the highest reviews.

Marrow Fine Jewelry Antique Diamond Pear & Emerald Toi et Moi

This exquisite design by Marrow Fine Jewelry allows you to choose between traditional white or green stones. Split shank bands feature a 1.87-carat GIA certified heart diamond and a 2.17 carat emerald. This blends the timeless and the unusual.

GemsOdes Vintage Princess cut green Moissanite Engagement ring

Moistanite is a great alternative to traditional diamonds. They are budget-friendly and still sparkle and have strength. This Etsy vintage green option is a great alternative to diamonds. Its unique stone placement and high shine are what reviewers love about it.

Marrow Fine Jewelry 3.24ct White Diamond Ballerina Ring

Sassone said, “I love this minty green ballerina band.” “The white diamond bezels make it easy to wear,” Sassone says. In the center, is an elegant 3.24-carat, emerald cut blue-green sapphire with a hue that’s so subtle you won’t feel as if you’re forgoing a Wedding Happy traditional bridal style.

Allurez Emerald and Round 3-Stone Emerald & Diamond Ring 14k Gold

We love the bold look of emeralds when paired with 14k gold. Emeralds are a popular choice. To enhance the richness of the emerald’s center stone, matching white diamonds are placed around it.

Aquamarise Green teal Sapphire Ring

This lab-grown emerald band features a sterling silver band accented with simulated diamonds. It’s giving us all the tropical vibes. We can’t think of a better center stone for lovers of the ocean.

Kwiat Colombian Emerald Ring with Double Halo

Kwait’s Colombian double-halo ring is more than just a green gemstone. The center emerald’s size can vary from 1 to 4+ Carats. Kwait’s unique double halo adds more glamour to the stunning, green-heavy design.

James Allen 2.60 Carat K–VVS1 Very Good Cut Round Emerald Three Stone Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

This James Allen design is a great option if you want a classic white diamond center stone. This James Allen design features a 2.6-carat round-cut diamond that is framed by two pear-shaped Emeralds. It adds a touch of color to your timeless style.

Marrow Fine Jewelry Emerald & Opal Ring Headdress

Marrow Fine Jewelry has created an exquisite ring that combines pearls, emeralds and opals. The bright green headdress made of emeralds highlights the cool tones in oval, 1.11-carat-opal stones.

Kwiat Colombian Emerald-Cut Emerald With Baguette Diamond Halo

We love that Kwiat emeralds are sustainably and ethically sourced, and feature some of the deepest green hues around–which is why this opulent-yet-understated ring is a must for green lovers. A halo of sparkling baguette diamants elevates the large central emerald, creating a luxurious and lush look.

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