If you’re looking for web games to play, you’ve probably scoured the internet looking for the best ones. Some places are better than others, but in general, the junk is mixed in with the gems. Gamers who want to skip the junk go straight to Drifted.com for their curated categories.

Drifted is the go-to place for car fans looking for web games featuring super slick vehicles and lightning-fast gameplay. All of their categories are hand-picked to show all of the best games and get rid of the cruft. Read on to see a few examples from the Car Games category.

Vehicular Combat

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Gamers looking for Car Games that feature weapons, violence, and explosions, then you’re going to want to check out these vehicular combat games. All of these games will get your adrenaline pumping and your bloodlust going.

Kart Wars is an online multiplayer game where players take control of rocket-equipped carts and chase each other down to blow them up. It’s fun by yourself, but when you get your friends involved, things can get out of hand pretty quickly!

There is also Project Cars Destruction. This game is less cute and cartoony than Kart Wars but maintains that violently competitive spirit. Use an array of cars to collect coins scattered around a massive arena, and smash up the competition while avoiding wrecking your own ride!

Drag Racing

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The next game doesn’t have weapons, explosions, or even turns. Drag Racing games are all about going in a straight line as fast as possible. Do you have what it takes to beat your opponent? Play this game to find out.

Drag Racing Rivals is an awesome game with full 3D graphics, a helpful tutorial, and engaging gameplay that is easy to learn but challenging to master. Rev your engine just right to get a good head start, and then watch carefully to shift at the perfect moment for an added boost of speed!

Stunt Cars

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If you love crazy car stunts, then you’ve come to the right place. The web games on the Drifted website are some of the very best. The following stunt games are actually a few of the flagship games for Drifted, so you just know that they are awesome.

If you’re in the Car Games category at Drifted, then you have to check out the Madalin Stunt Cars series. There are three of them so far, and each one is an awesome experience full of fast cars, huge maps, and plenty of opportunities for stunts. Each game also has a multiplayer mode so you can roam around the maps with your family and friends.

City Stunts is another game about stunt cars. This one features a large map that contains plenty of ramps, loop-the-loops, and other obstacles for you to tackle. The fully 3D world and detailed car models only further serve to immerse players in the game.

These are just a few of the games in the Car Games category at Drifted.com. If you enjoyed these, you should also check out the Drifting Games category for even more awesome games.