Creating an Account on their website

Users can easily create an account on Genoanime by visiting their website. They can either sign up or even log in if they already have an account. Since the platform is just like any other website. Users are required to fill in their personal information like First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc. This is important as their data are used to verify if the user is fake or real. Some bots tend to create accounts on websites and flood their servers with traffic. Their team is constantly working towards the addition of new features to provide a good experience. Users can also create friends on their accounts on the website.

Creating Friends on the platform

Users can easily send and accept friend requests from other users. Their platform is just like any other social media platform. Genoanime is basically like a combination of Netflix and Facebook. This is because users can socialize and watch their favorite anime series simultaneously. Users can easily make friends with their anime buddies. They can also find new friends on the explore page. Users can then watch a single anime series together with their friends. Both of their screens are perfectly synchronized to provide a butter smooth experience. The duo won’t even have to fight over choosing an anime series. This is because there is a separate page for preferred amines on the website.

Choosing a series to watch

Users can choose a series to binge-watch from their favorite section. They can also go through the Top-Rated Page on Genoanime. The top-rated page lists all the animes which are currently top-performing. They are listed in accordance with a certain criterion. This criterion includes User Reviews and Ratings, Watch Time, Top Performing, etc. This is a very strict criterion that the anime has to go through. Most users prefer the top anime on the page. This is because the criteria are so perfect that it suits mostly every user. Even if users don’t like the top-rated animes. They can always search through the large variety of anime available on the website. The platform claims to have almost every anime possible. Genoanime also accepts users’ requests for the availability of that specific anime. There is also a random anime picker available on the website. Users can easily click the button and there is a random anime selection available for them.

Spin the Wheel

The website of Genoanime also has a spin-the-wheel available on the website. Users can easily write their preferred anime style or anime names on the wheel. Then they can spin the wheel with their mouse cursor. The pointer randomly lands on a specific section of the wheel. Users can then watch the anime written in that section. Since Genoanime claims to have almost every anime they can easily search up. This anime is available in high resolutions hence providing a vivid experience. However, those users that have low bandwidth can reduce the resolution.

18+ content on the website

There is a lot of 18+ anime series available on the website. Hence, users which prefer this type of content can easily watch it by unlocking the NSFW restriction. Since Genoanime has 18+ content it is banned in some countries like Pakistan. However, users can easily bypass this ban by using a reliable VPN or Proxy network. They can then enjoy their anime streaming experience.

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