We have stepped onto 2024! Hence, we have moved beyond the concept of gendering bottoms and tops. It means the style trends can get worn by people who love to wear all they want. On the other hand, the style trends for women need to concentrate on certain pieces such as feather trim, opera gloves, and corset tops. While you need to abide by some rules for styling a specific look, you always have the chance for personal styling. 

If you scan through the menswear trends, it will concentrate on broader themes. Hence, men can have their share of personal interpretations. For instance, there are several ways to integrate the strong structured shoulders that brands like Prada came up with during its 2024 Fall and Winter runway fashion. 

Are you in mind to give your current fashion style a facelift? Or are you simply seeking for some style inspiration? In both the cases, you can benefit from the following style trends:

Focus on reds

In 2024, your objective is to stand out from the crowd! Hence, it doesn’t surprise that the bold shades are getting featured highly in most men’s style collections. What comes to your mind when you think of formal menswear? Chances are you will think about a black trench and navy suit. However, the popular brands today are opting in for reds. 

Apart from being an intense hue, the color red can complement almost anything. Also, it has the capacity to replace primary neutrals in your wardrobe. Hence, if you want to opt-in for this style trend, start by opting for a jacket, blazer, or sweater in red and check the number of times you can integrate it into your attire. You can add a tad bit of spice to your look when you do so. 

There’s no doubt that patches can add a bit of spice to your look too. And when you get them from 4incustompatch, you can be sure that your outfit will definitely stand out from the crowd. With so many different colors and designs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect patch to add a personal touch to your outfit. You can get yourself the customize patches too. And thanks to the hot iron, attaching them is a breeze!

Bring home the robe jackets

Do you love your lounge robe during the cold months? If yes, you will fall in love with the robe jackets. Similar to a bathrobe, this jacket can get tied around your waist. Its hemline will usually fall below the knee. You will mostly find a leather or fur version of this jacket, and it will enable you to stay cozy for several months. And in the coming months, the designers predict that you can see these jackets in canvas and suede styles all over. 

Have you watched The Bachelor, season 25? If yes, you might know that Bachelor Matt James had worn a turtleneck on all the dates. Hence, it would help if you gave him some credit for this trend. He made some smart style choices because the turtlenecks looked stunning on him. If you prefer to opt-in for this look, you can opt-in for a layered robe jacket beneath. Today, some famous designers have come up with stunning turtlenecks and robe jackets that are available within various price ranges. You can select the one you like best. 

The straw hat

A hat can give a man a stylish silhouette! It can also protect him from the harsh elements. And in 2024, the choice of hat that most men opt-in for is the straw hat. Even though it is lightweight, the straw hat men are available in multiple types and colors. For instance, a sun straw hat is ideal if you want a casual look. Or you can also opt-in for a trilby hat in straw. However, if you are stepping into a formal event, you can choose a straw fedora hat that will add the much-needed style to your persona. 

The super-structured shoulders

If your attire spells of a dramatic structured shoulder, it can add power to the silhouette, and it’s the ideal shape to wear when you require a confidence boost. There are designer brands that showcase men’s attires with strong shoulders in sweaters, jackets, and also jumpsuits in a wide range of colors and materials. A prominent and string shoulder will make almost everything appear simple. And similar to soft knit, it all seems immediately elevated. You might want to add shoulder pads with an oversized blazer and add a definition to your look. 

Last but not least, there is the puffer coats. You can find the functional puffer coat jacket almost everywhere during the winter. Hence, one can only anticipate to see more of it in 2024. Today, the quilted material is increasing in popularity, and it all depends on athletic and external functionality. You can opt-in for this trend by saying yes to a winter puffer jacket and pair it with hiker-style boots. These style trends for men enable them to look their best and add another dimension to their personality. It’s essential to remember that there are costly and affordable options for all style trends. You need to choose one that caters to your style preference and budget capacity.