Engagement rings

You might consider ethical diamonds when buying an engagement ring. Many of the diamonds on sale today were mined in dangerous conditions or conflict zones. The diamond industry is well-known for exploiting their workers and using non-environmentally-friendly methods to source their products.

Ethical diamonds refer to raw diamonds that have been mined using fair wages and conditions, sustainable mining methods, and safe treatment of miners. To be considered ethical, diamonds must comply with all labor and environmental regulations. This means that these stones must not be harvested using child labor or forced labor and that any profits should not go to violence.

It can be difficult to find genuine ethical diamonds. However, today there are many more options. Do your research and make sure you do not purchase anything from conflict areas when searching for the Nice Wedding perfect ring. Lab-created diamonds can be a great alternative because they are made in a laboratory and not mined. You can also choose to recycle diamonds, which avoid the problems that may arise from newly mined stones.

The following jewelers can help you find an honest engagement ring. These jewelers offer ethical diamonds you can wear every day. They’re also beautiful.

Aether Diamonds

Aether is committed ethical diamonds in a way almost magical. They literally create diamonds from air. Aether creates lab-grown diamonds using carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and greenhouse gas. This is in contrast to other lab-grown gemstones which contain petrochemicals. This process uses half the energy required to Wedding Only mine diamonds, and it saves 127 gallon of freshwater annually. The process also pulls carbon dioxide from the air, which helps to clean up the atmosphere. These are the first ever positive impact diamonds in the world, and the company has committed to being carbon-negative independently by 2024.


After discovering the source of her own diamond, the founder started to look for socially responsible gems and created this woman-owned company. Miadonna’s Diamonds are Lab-Grown and Made in America. The settings are made from recycled gold and platinum to increase sustainability. They also give back in other ways. A minimum 10% of the brand’s annual profits are used to rebuild and repair damage caused by the mining sector. Every order they place through “One Tree Planted”, which helps offset carbon emissions from shipping.


Holden creates custom rings that are unique and less expensive than designer rings. Holden’s brand is focused on sustainability, using recycled metals and ethically-sourced lab-grown diamonds. All jewelry is handmade in the family-owned New York City workshops. They don’t keep a lot of stock because their rings are custom-made. This helps to reduce waste and also makes it easier for them to make new pieces all the time. The shipping boxes contain at least 50% of recycled paper and recyclable packing tape. You can also pick up your order in person. Holden will melt any jewelry that is not in use to make new rings. They also donate 1% of their sales to The Trevor Project.


Noemie only uses conflict-free or lab-created stones to create their engagement rings. To make it easier for you to buy high quality jewelry, they also source, create and sell directly to customers. Only diamonds from their suppliers are subject to the Kimberly Process, which ensures that diamonds are not associated with human rights violations or environmental degradation. They also comply with UN resolutions and offer clients the chance to use lab-grown diamonds for greater sustainability.


Vrai offers a variety of engagement rings, as well as custom-made orders. Vrai doesn’t use any mining in their diamond production. The brand instead uses advanced technology to create diamonds in a Pacific Northwest foundry that utilizes 100% hydropower from Columbia River. They are also the first producer of zero-emission diamonds and use 100% renewable energy. The brand supports many causes and works hard to be sustainable.

Clean Origin

Clean Origin is the largest direct to consumer retailer of pure lab-grown diamonds. This means that you can almost be sure to find something you like and it is ethical. Their diamonds are graded and evaluated by independent laboratories and international gemological institutes. Clean Origin is a trusted source for high quality diamonds.

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