Has your heart ever tried to trap you in some uncertain chain of guilts and threats that you feel suffocated? Well I can vouch for it is not a good feeling at all and certainly, no one will like it. The thing is we humans tend to very much depend on certain matters with a sensitive heart. So when there was a rumor of a young lady leaving our organization float and reached me I was distressed. According to the gossip and unofficial news she was bullied to such a limit by her seniors that choosing to leave this job was easier than keeping going for another month.

She even needs therapy according to her closest circle as she is now not ready to join any firm or work any time soon.  This whole thing was very disturbing for me. As the department head, I am very ashamed that under my nose this kind of thing is happening so openly and no one os there is to take responsibility. 

I was thinking of making an official community and investigating the whole matter so that this kind of thing never happens again. So for that, I called a meeting and ask about ideas from every department head. The official meeting did not go very well I admit. When they all left and I was there all alone with my thought a lady knocked at the door.

She told me she is new and just an intern in the IT sector but wants to pitch in an idea. Her idea was wonderful and fantastic and am glad that I make that call as it was one of the best decision of my career.

Her idea was to use an employee monitoring app and features to know more about the employees and workplace environment. As it is completely fine to monitor the employees through the company-owned device and there is no legal complication associated with it so, after more research, we get the Android spy app.

Different employee monitoring features can make a huge difference as every department reported about all the bad apples and we narrow it down and took action. Especially the live listen android feature was the most helpful to track any toxic employee or inside matter. 

Track The Toxic Team Leader:

A competent leader leads from the front and the team is proud of the leader. On the other hand, a tacky boss in the name of a team leader can exploit the team members and can be the reason for the low morale of any team. With the help of the listen to android feature one can know about the presence of such a person in the organization. Make sure you take timely action against people who try to abuse their powerful position and let the organization down. 

Know About Any Personal Conflict:

I was being told that we lost a very important assignment just because two of the members of the team were not on the same page regarding the methodology. Thus the personal conflict resulted in the loss of an important project. Such type of things in the long run can be very damaging for the organization. Use the live listen to the android feature and know about any personal conflict of the team members. It is neither right nor professional to prioritize personal feelings or emotions over company benefits.  

No Place For Personal Grudge:

Any kind of work demands a professional attitude from the workforce. Thus any behavior that deviates the employee from the professional path needs explanation and eradication. When an employer can listen to the employee through the mic of the android that means you can be with them at any time and listen to work-related chat or discussion remotely. 

Assure A toxic Free Place:

We spent most of our day at the workplace.So it must be healthy and toxic-free. With the use of the mobile spy app and I tried to make sure that no one harasses or bully any other senior or junior colleague.

Find out about your workplace and more with the listen android feature of the TheOneSpy.

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