Even though the Midwest is still in the midst of winter, many residents are already concerned about the upcoming spring and summer seasons, which will almost certainly give rise to numerous strong storms, many of which will reach EF4 status. If it appears that there has been an increase in tornado activity in what is often referred to as “tornado alley,” the sad truth is that this is exactly what we are experiencing.

Is it the onset of climate change due to global warming? Perhaps, but no matter the ultimate cause, dealing with property damage and/or loss along with personal injuries in the aftermath need to be your main focus. Here are some tips on what to do in the aftermath of an EF4 tornado hitting Brentwood and the greater St. Louis area.

Begin With a Head Count


Of course, you’ve got your emergency preparedness plans in place. Once you’ve done a head count and determined that everyone escaped unscathed by the storm, you can move down the list on your recovery preparations.

If there were any injuries, depending on the severity, you should either treat them first with your Emergency Preparedness First Aid Kit or call 911 to get help on the scene as soon as humanly possible. Human (and fur baby!) safety comes first. Your checklist should also include a detailed emergency inspection assessment plan so that you know the exact extent of physical damage to your home.

Your Post-Storm Emergency Checklist

There is one thing to be aware of and that would be to stay away from any structural damage that could further collapse, injuring you during your inspection. On your checklist, you should also include the most reputable roofing, siding, and window replacement services in the area, such as Brentwood roofing company Wildwood Roofing and Construction. If your home is damaged to the point where you feel it’s unsafe to reenter, have a backup plan on where you will stay until repairs are completed.

Have You Set Aside a Budget for Storms Such as These?


If you had read the information being disseminated by the National Weather Service, you probably know that there is every possibility that a winter storm categorized as a 4 or 5 along with the likelihood that an EF4 (Enhanced Fujita Scale) storm (tornado) in warmer months could strike your home.

Knowing that there is a possibility of strong storms in any season, one thing homeowners are advised to do is budget for repairs storms like these can precipitate. Brentwood roofing companies are always on the alert within moments of a storm’s passing.

Remember, human and animal welfare should top your emergency preparedness checklist and once their safety is assured, you will need to get family members to a safe shelter. After that, you can begin assessing the damage.

Just know that you should have the numbers of reputable repair services on file so that you can get a place near the top of their calls for service or you could be waiting quite a while. It pays to be prepared when it means you can get a jump on repairs that will quickly see your family returning home. That’s your ultimate goal.