Explainer Videos

Have you heard that video marketing content is an effective tool to engage more traffic on your website? Or are you finding a way to boost your sales and brand image? Or are you looking for a fantastic promotional strategy that allows you to remember your brand for the long term? Well, that is how an explainer video works. Today more than 60% of businesses use video as their promotional tool. It is an effective way to grab customers’ interest and engage them with your brand. 

It’s not shocking when you deliberate the way to consume a video. Since the explainer videos grab your homepage attention that your audience experience, it’s like a hook to them. Meanwhile, an explainer video helps you engage, delight, and attract customers. And you must make an effective type of video that your website audience finds helpful and engaging. Here are the six tips for driving traffic to your website via explainer video services

Tip #1 Product Videos to Make Conversions

Businesses have a lot to tell the audience about their service and offerings in a highly competitive world. And the explainer videos are the best option that is valuable to any promotional brand campaign or the website. Many researchers have declared that audiences are much more likely to buy a service or product after seeing a product demo or a promotional video. So, you might add a concise video instead of putting consistent images about your brand. 

A webpage offering software service can use concise and appealing videos to explain its service effectively. Once you have your video content, it may create more engagement on multiple video-sharing sites like YouTube or social media. Meanwhile, if you want to drive more attention to your website and enhance the probability of engaging new customers, you can create more explainer videos to promote your services and products. 

Tip #2 Tutorial and How-To Videos to Initiate Traffic

The tutorial or how-to videos help to catch the audience’s attention with a practical buyer commitment. Suppose your audience faces any problem and wants a solution in learning something. You can offer them animated explainer videos, how to do videos, and engaging videos. This strategy is mainly effective and resolved with service and product use. 

Most of the time, the tutorial or how-to videos are not for selling purposes but to provide the most valuable and helpful video content. Plus, they can give much impactful advice that helps the audience take CTA on the stats or the information you offer in the video. It also drives the people to your business and provides more downloadable or the information content. And ultimately bring your website traffic with the buying funnel by using your website’s chatbot. 

Tip #3 Walkthrough Videos to Involved Users

The product walkthrough videos are critical to identifying your audience’s sleek, fun, and easy onboarding process. However, it may stick them with your brand in the long term. The product walkthrough videos are equal to the physical shopping that help your audience to look for the items they are desperately finding. 

When done effectively, it helps the audience to make the buying decision. Meanwhile, your primary focus should be on providing a comfort zone to the visitor and defining them as they are in the perfect place.

Tip #4 Testimonials Videos to Make Social Evidence

Showcase the audience testimonial is an effective way to interlink the value of your brand to your customer. It drives much traffic to your website. You may collect the social pieces of evidence by reaching out to the most trustworthy customers. And you may ask if they are willing to offer a testimonial for your product or business. In return for their precious time, you can give them some incentives.

Meanwhile, many businesses miss the mark when it comes to testimonials. They don’t have a precise system and don’t understand how to effectively use testimonial patterns to make the social evidence for their audience. 

Tip #5 Video Ads to Boost Sales

Today we have a few animated explainer video makers that beat the video ads effectively. For a video, the click-through rate is three times better than a typical video ad. It can leverage by making effective video ads for your services or product as you may upload them to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, among many other websites. 

To optimize your explainer video by using appropriate SEO keywords. You may add voiceover records or write meta descriptions. A brand like ‘Dollar Shave Club’ uses an explainer video to increase sales, generate leads, and build brand awareness. The feedback of their video ads campaigns is beyond phenomenal and has gained millions of views. 

Tip #6 Creative Branding Videos to Make Popularity

Creative branding videos have gained much popularity among many websites. Despite offering straightforward creative content, the videos are an effective way to enhance your audience’s emotions. And the perfect part is that there is no need to serve additional money on content production. 

Many cost-effective tools make and edit superior videos and create expert results, even without the technical expertise. The branding videos are all about the remarkable association than self-promotions. Many companies use them to master the art of making favorite videos representing their brand and product. 

Tip #7 FAQ Videos to Answer Queries

The frequently asked questions videos are usually created to answer the customers’ ordinary queries. They help cut down the business’s customer service cost and offer a valuable service to the audience. You can find the questions that your audience frequently asks via blog post comments, third-party website reviews, and social media posts. And you can make the FAQ explainer videos by answering the most common questions. These videos could be posted to your website and shared on social pages to increase user engagement. Just make sure your audience finds it helpful. 

To sum up, the mentioned tips have been proven and tested to make effective results for multiple types of small or giant businesses. With the rise of explainer video consumption, it’s time to employ various types of explainer videos on your website to drive traffic.

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